YouTube Subscription link for user and channel URL

YouTube channel subscription

Do you have a YouTube channel? Does your major YouTube traffic is driven from your website or blog? Then these simple YouTube subscription links will help you to get your visitor on-boarded and become a permanent subscriber for the channel.

A YouTube channel link would be looking something like this:

Or maybe something like this too.

Now to make your simple channel link to pop-up subscribe lightbox (screenshot above). Then you have to append a query string to channel URL. This query string will automatically pop-up subscription box only of non-subscribed user, hence your chances of getting a new subscription visitor will be increased.

How to make a subscription link?

All you need to do is adding — ?sub_confirmation=1 after the end of channel URL. It would look something like below:


Just for real sample, this is how the MatruDEV YouTube subscription link will look like:

Note and Conclusion:

Both the sample URL’s are different, 1st has /user/ word and the second has /c/ stands for channel.

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