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So my wife has a huge music collection, something like 18,000 songs that she’s collected from the days when she imported all her CDs, all the music she’s bought from iTunes, and hundreds of songs from other sources.

It seems like every week there’s an album she wants to get on to her phone from her PC or vice versa, transfer an album she bought on her phone to my computer, and so on. It’s such a pain to grab a cable, load some software and copy music from one device to another, so we’ve always wanted something easier, faster and more intuitive to share our stuff.

Odds are that if you’re into music like we are, you feel our pain. So I wanted to tell you about one of the ways we use SHAREit to move music around between our devices.

When you have SHAREit installed on your smartphone, PC or tablet (it works on iOS, Android and Windows and Windows phone), you don’t have to plug in any cables, download stuff from the cloud, or launch any special music-sharing software. We love it for those reasons, but also because it’s just fast. It only takes a few seconds to get a song from one place to another.

Here’s a quick example of how easy SHAREit was for us to transfer music from my phone to the family PC:

1. When you open SHAREit and click SEND, you see all your music, organized by song, album or artist.

You can browse files and select any and all that you want to send to your PC. You can even listen to songs in SHAREit so you know you’re sharing the right one.

2. Once you open up SHAREit on the PC and click RECEIVE, the song transfers over instantly.

3. After the song downloads, you can play it directly from SHAREit by clicking on the little icon with the three lines on the right.

4. And then later if I want to listen to the song on the tablet, I can just copy it over from the PC, open it up and play it directly in SHAREit.

The file is stored locally, too, so if I want to open it up with our tablet’s music player, that works.

1. You have music on your phone, you open SHAREit and you click send

2. You select the music you want to share and continue

3. You open SHAREit on another device and click receive

4. Your file is shared instantly, and you can play it now on both devices

No cables. No clouds. Just an easy way to transfer music the way you’d expect… with SHAREit.

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