Windows Phone applications that kill battery life

We have compiled a list of windows phone application that drain the battery fastest. Some of these applications can kill your phone’s battery in less than 1 hour! So here is a big list of culprits. You are better off disabling or closing them when you are not using them.

1. Nokia HERE Drive

apps that kill windows phone battery life

Like any GPS enabled app, the Nokia HERE drive drains battery fast and heats the phone like a frying pan. The reason is that it downloads maps in the backgrounds; tracks the position via GPS radio and processes navigation instructions.

We have some tips on how to make it eat less battery. * Open Here Drive, open the settings, scroll to Connection, and set to Offline. Disabled all internet communication, only using GPS and offline maps. * Turning the display off while using it also prolongs battery runtimes as powering that high resolution display takes a lot of energy. * A suggestion to reduce the drain speed is to use 2D mode instead of the 3D. Lesser processing needed.

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2. Microsoft Solitaire Collection and Hexic

While games like Mass Effect Infiltrator and Modern Combat are obvious for destroying the battery, a simple game like Microsoft Solitaire Collection draining your battery within one hour does not make any sense. We blame Silverlight for it.

microsoft solitare collection windows phone

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection can make the phone into a lump of hot charcoal. Same goes for MS’ Hexic. It is disappointing some of Microsoft’s own apps are so inefficient.

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3. WhatsApp and Kik Messenger

Windows Phone whatsapp kills battery life

If you are a heavy user of WhatsApp or Kik Messenger, we have bad news for you. These applications eats your phone battery and heat it up like a furnace. If you can live without these apps, the battery life of your phone will increase exponentially. We surmise the apps are very poorly coded.

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4. Readit

readit draining battery life windows phone

This popular reddit client for windows phone eats twice as much battery as the free Baconit. We found that using Readit in any way kills the battery as it demands constant Internet connection, heavy media content and fast content browsing. You will be lucky to get more than one hour using it continuously.

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5. Proshot

Imagine an application warning you about heating up the phone. Proshot offers upgraded user interface from Nokia Camera which is nice. But if it is using so many resources to just take a picture then we would rather stick with Nokia’s own camera application.

uno and friends killing windows phone battery

Other notable mentions include Uno & Friends with 3G running in background; Disney games like Where’s Perry and Where’s my water; Rovio games like Angry Birds, Audible and Blackberry messenger (BBM).

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