Who has read your message-new feature in WhatsApp

I really like and use frequently WhatsApp. All features are nice except video compression quality, Right?

Well, this new feature in WhatsApp looks good but it can create problem to those who just read message but don’t reply. Now the sender will know that you have already read the message at specific time. Imagine the situation when any breakup or fight will happen due to this newly enable feature ?

You will see three right ticks while sending message or image in WhatsApp.  What does that mean? Here is the answer:

meaning of checkmarks in whatsapp

Blue tick will appear not only when you send to an individual, it will display even when you send message, image or media (audio/video) to a group. If its media then after playing that media blue tick means, media has been played.

If you want to know more details about the message information like when it was sent, delivered and read by the individual or how many persons have seen/read your message etc., you need to:

Steps to see the message notification details
  • Tap and hold the message or media that you have sent
  • Once it is selected it will display i icon rounded in a circle, click on that
  • The message info screen will double tick or gray and blue color with the details.

Here are some screenshots which shows what information means what

Message which is neither delivered nor read yet.

Message neither delivered nor read

Message delivered but not read yet

Message delivered but not read

Message delivered and read successfully

Message delivered and read

Image seen in group (It shows remaining stats also who have not seen yet)

Image seen in group -WhastApp

Message seen by whom and delivered to whom and stats to whom it has yet to deliver

Message read and delivered in group

What if you can’t see blue tick even the member has read or seen it and replied to the message too?

  • Either the is internet connection issue
  • Recipient is still using old version of WhatsApp

Is there any way to bypass this blue tick (to save you from girlfriend)?

Yes, there is a way!

  • When someone sends you the message, you will get the notification. Don’t open it.
  • Open your WhatsApp Application instead and see all the contacts or groups that have sent the message to you. Read all messages except the one which you want to avoid.
  • Now disable the data pack in your mobile. If it’s Wi-Fi then disable Wi-Fi. Wait for few seconds
  • Then, read those unread messages offline and close WhatsApp
  • Now, enable your data pack or Wi-Fi whatever you are using to connect internet.
  • And you are done!

Please share your feedback and views with us.

For more details, check this link: https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/android

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