WhatStat shows your WhatsApp usage

WhatsApp has become the standard way to chat with friends. And you’ve been using it everyday, without fail.

Have you ever wonder who texts you the most ? Or who is the most active person in one of your group chats ? Or when is the most active time/day you’re using this app ?

If these are the questions that have been on your mind, the WhatStat for WhatsApp (Free) app can easily find out the answers for you.

Now, let’s go through the information that WhatStat can offer :

  1. When you first start WhatStat, you’re presented with the Overview screen that features 2 cards: Friends and Groups. Each card comes with the data of the total messages you have sent and received for a certain duration and the top 5 most active friends or groups. You can simply switch the screens by tapping the Groups and Friends cards. You can also change the reporting period by tapping the Clock icon at the top right corner.
    whatstat overview screen
    whatstat period option
  2. On the Groups and Friends cards, you can drill down for more details by tapping the picture thumbnail. Taking a group from my WhatsApp as an example, you can see the following information if you get into the details :
  3. The total messages that were sent and received for a certain duration
    • The members. (Picture thumbnail)
    • The most active day of the week. (Bar graph)
    • The most active time of the day. (Line graph)
    • The message distribution between members. (Pie chart)
    • Conversation starter. (Pie chart)
    • History (Line graph)
    whatstat group details_1
    whatstat group details_2
  4. Apart from the overview, you can see the total information which is accessible by tapping the WhatStat logo at the top left corner.
    whatstat total view_2

Thanks to ads, this great app is free. If you don’t like seeing a small little banner ad at the bottom on the screen, you can pay $0.99 for the ad free version.

  • Download WhatStat for Android (Free)

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