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Are you the owner of an Windows Phone device? Use this tutorial to download WhatsApp for your Windows Phone smartphone or tablet. Because you use Windows Phone, it is very likely that WhatsApp Messenger is available for your device. Using WhatsApp, you are completely in touch with all your friends and family. Anytime and Anywhere you like. You can send unlimited messages, including photo’s and video’s. You can even make phone calls and receive phone calls for free. Millions of people all over the world use WhatsApp. More and more Windows Phone users also switch to this amazing messenger App. Don’t wait any longer and use the steps below to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone directly for free. There are various popular brands that offer Windows Phone devices. Do you want more information about WhatsApp for your particular device? You can for example go to WhatsApp Nokia or WhatsApp HTC.

How to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone?

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone is the perfect Application for your device. WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited free messages, photo’s, video’s an much more media. The App works always smooth and quick, especially on the newer Windows Phone devices. Windows Phone is developed by Microsoft. Formerly, this operating system was called Windows Mobile. Starting from 2000, the Windows Mobile operating system became very popular. Especially among business people. But the popularity of Windows Mobile decreased over the past years. More and more people experienced a crashing phone and the software worked very slow. WhatsApp for Windows Phone is designed to make an end to this! The App works fast and your phone does now show signs of any memory overload. You can download WhatsApp on your device via the Windows Phone Store. The steps below describe the entire installation process so that nothing can go wrong. Don’t wait any longer, and download WhatsApp directly on your Windows Phone device. If you follow the steps below you can start sending messages within a few minutes.

WhatsApp Download for Windows Phone

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1. Open the Windows Phone Apps & games Store on your phone. This is the App of Windows that allows you to download and install a large variety of Apps. When you open the Store you can directly see a magnifying glass icon. Tap this icon so you can enter a search term. 2. Now search for “WhatsApp” and select the first and best search result. There are several Apps that match your search query. Make sure you select the first App which is called “WhatsApp Messenger” with a green icon. 3. After selecting the right App, you enter the App overview page. On this overview page you can find important information about WhatsApp for Windows Phone. You can see some important technical data like the size of the App, but you can also read how other Windows Phone users perceive this App. Also based on this data you can decide for yourself if you want to download this App or not. The reviews are also useful when there is an update of WhatsApp. If the update is not working fine, you can read that in most cases in the reviews. Based on the reviews you could decide to wait with the install of a WhatsApp update. 4. Now search for the Download button in the top right corner. The download and installation of WhatsApp will directly start. If you open the notification center, you can check the progress of the download and installation process. If the installation is ready, you will receive a notification. 5. When you open the home screen of your phone with all the Apps, you see a new App: WhatsApp Messenger. You can recognize it by its green icon. 6. When you open the WhatsApp Messenger App for the first time, you have to verify your phone number. WhatsApp needs to be sure that you are who you say you are. You can prove this by verify your phone number. The verification is very easy. Just enter your phone number with the right country code. You will directly receive an SMS with a special code in it. Open the SMS and copy the code to the App. The verification is now done! 7. The download, installation and verification of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is done!! You can directly start sending messages to your WhatsApp contacts. It could be that there are no contacts in your App. In that case, copy all contacts fro your SIM card to your phone memory.

We wish you lots of fun and of course good luck with WhatsApp Messenger for your Windows Phone device. We hope that our tutorial helped you a little bit. Feel free to share your personal review and experience with the App below. You can also rate the WhatsApp app for this operating system directly below. You can help other users by submitting your rating. Are you using a different operating system? For example WhatsApp Blackberry or WhatsApp iPhone? You can also find an extensive tutorial for these operating systems on this website!

WhatsApp for Windows Phone
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An Asset for every Windows Phone user

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is an efficient and very fast WhatsApp version. All Windows Phone users can download this App through the Windows Phone Apps & games Store. The download goes quick and easy. Within a few minutes you have installed this App on your Windows Phone device!

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