WhatsApp will remain free, will not pay

Whatsapp slowly recovers. Throughout the day on Wednesday, even as early as late Tuesday, users of the popular instant messaging service began in a cold sweat when they realized that something strange was happening in the “state” of contacts. All were identical. Instead of showing the usual occurrences phrases and their friends were passing through his head, a brief message on their screens warned: “Error: status unavailable”. And no information Whatsapp about it, just a brief notice in Twitter where the message network service problems confirmed . The application, however, continued to operate normally. But the strange error states convince not just the usual chat of smartphones . Then came the terror.

Eager for information that will clarify what was happening to Whatsapp catalogase contacts as unavailable, and susceptible to believe it all, some of the users of the application got worried when, immediately afterwards, began receiving messages alerting the chain to the free chat. And, although most different versions of the chain gave game to have a good time on social networks , there were few who distrusted, or directly is believed the threat, and decided to forward it and follow the instructions for what might happen. On Thursday morning it seemed that the failure of Whatsapp already been solved. The states of the contact most users returned to their normal appearance, with no trace of the “status unavailable” and plagued by the usual colorful emoticons, and the application is commissioned, by the way, quickly informed of the falsity of all chain mail that had been received about the imminent entry into force of the payment service. Yet tabs contacts several users show again, hours later, the same effect, “Error: status unavailable” . On Friday, finally, states Whatsapp returned to its starting point, without errors or faults, and without them would of course, all this week on the set of dances, alteration in the functioning of the chat. Such is the addiction Whatsapp that after hundreds of chain closure warning or payment in other platforms such as Hotmail or Messenger and after a similar warning Whatsapp last January that the application is tired of denying , its users escarmientan and still not believing all the “threats” coming to their phones. Even those as suspicious from the truth that have misspellings and broken sentences, as this version of the many who yesterday toured worldwide through chat green sandwich: ” Whatsapp will cost € 0.01 to send the message to 10 people. When you do the green light turns blue. (If you do not send the agency Whatsapp you activate the cost). Reembia Care is seriously so they force you to have the latest update! “

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