WhatsApp Web

It’s called WhatsApp Web the new service launched by WhatsApp, the app from 700 million users owned by di Facebook. The service is very simple to use and it is available for all users equipped with the latest version of WhatsApp

 (find out how to Update WhatsApp on Android and Windows), with the exception of iOS users because of the known limitations of the Apple platform.

WhatsApp Web in 3 steps

1 Go to https://web.whatsapp.com using Google Chrome . You’ll see a screen similar to Figure below.

WhatsApp Web: Come e perchè accedere dal Computer?

2 Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and follow the path Menu> WhatsApp Web. If you do not see WhatsApp Web, it means that WhatsApp is outdated.  Update it Now!

WhatsApp Web: Come e perchè accedere dal Computer?

Using WhatsApp Web you’ll be able to download very quickly images, videos and audio files on your computer . The service will be very useful to anyone who spends many hours in front of the computer at work, providing the opportunity to communicate much faster by keyboard.

How to update WhatsApp

Update WhatsApp on Android

  • Open the Play Store and search WhatsApp.
  • Tap “Update” (as shown below). Once the process will be completed, restart your smartphone and come back to the tutorial.

Update WhatsApp

Update WhatsApp on Windows Phone

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