WhatsApp Web for Windows desktop runs in Chrome browser

WhatsApp the most popular messaging platform is now available as a Web Application too. Now you can use WhatsApp from your Windows computer running Google Chrome.

WhatsApp Web for Windows

The WhatsApp Web application is basically a mirror to your phone’s WhatsApp application. It automatically syncs your messages and contacts but to run the web application your phone must have an active internet connection because the web interface continuously interacts with your phone to fetch messages and contacts.

WhatsApp Web 1

The web interface is designed and built very nicely. The UI is clean clear and just awesome. For now, WhatsApp Web is not available for iOS users, but all other platforms are well supported and work perfectly with the web interface.

Coming to the features, the web client lets you chat among friends and groups, lets you view contacts, download attached media files and can even give you desktop notifications for new incoming messages.

Set up WhatsApp Web

Well, setting up WhatsApp Web is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your Windows Phone – if not then you must update the application first.

Then on your computer navigate to web.whatsapp.com.

Next, open WhatsApp application on your phone and then tap the three dots in the bottom and then tap on ‘WhatsApp Web’.

Now with your phone, scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen and WhatsApp Web will automatically sync contacts and messages from your phone and present them to you in a nice interface on your computer screen.

Please keep in mind that the WhatsApp Web cannot work if your Phone doesn’t have an active data connection because the web application is not a WhatsApp client, but a mirror to your phone’s WhatsApp application. Moreover, the web app works only on Google Chrome, so if you are using some other browser, then you must switch to Google Chrome to enjoy WhatsApp Web. This above tutorial refers to Windows Phone, but the steps are very similar for other platforms too.

The web functionality has made it easy for users to use Facebook and WhatsApp simultaneously in the same browser and moreover the web interface gives you a whole new experience of using WhatsApp on a bigger screen. The web client is very useful indeed.

Perfect, nice, smooth, easy and useful!

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