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Via WhatsApp are shared a lot of nice, funny and sometimes shocking videos on a daily basis. WhatsApp is an ideal application for sending videos. You can easily select a contact or group, select a video and send this video to the persons you select. When you have selected the video, it will be quickly sent via an Internet connection to your contacts. Do you receive many videos? And these videos are automatically downloaded and stored on your phone? Via WhatsApp settings you can turn this of very easy. Do you receive many unsolicited files? Then blocking an WhatsApp contact is also an option!


How to set automatically downloading WhatsApp videos on or off?

Downloading a video costs much internet data and speed. Therefore, it may be convenient that WhatsApp not download these videos when you use your phone on the GPRS 3G/4G mobile network. You can easily manage this through the “chat settings” on iPhone and Windows Phone, “call settings” on Android or “media settings” on BlackBerry devices. Here you can exactly specify whether you want that WhatsApp downloaded your videos only on a wifi network or automatic download it when you are at home. Here you can also set the same instructions for WhatsApp photos and audio files.

Forwarding WhatsApp Videos

When you have a funny video to share, you will likely send it to more than one person. But what if you’re not on wifi is, your data bundle course right through. But not necessarily. Because, so you know that you can forward videos within the WhatsApp application itself? In other words, you take the video from one conversation and put it into another conversation without having to re-upload the video from your phone. You can do that by opening the video, pressing the Share button (square with arrow pointing upwards) and then pressing “Send” via the WhatsApp homescreen. You can then select another conversation in which you put the video directly. Therefore, this can also be done for a huge WhatsApp group conversation.

Store received WhatsApp video media

It is of course very handy that the WhatsApp videos you receive are automatically saved on your smartphone, but it can also be very undesirable. Because if you sit in a group-chat with a number of people, and a joker sends a less suitable photo that suddenly pops up in your Camera Roll, then that is of-course not always convenient. Certainly not when you have children. Fortunately, you can easily disable this. Go to WhatsApp Settings, press “IM settings” and switch the save receive media button to gray instead of making it green. Now you can still save images and videos, but manually.

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