WhatsApp Verification

Have you downloaded and installed WhatsApp on your phone? Then you’ve come to the last step: WhatsApp verification. The regular way to verify your phone number is entering your number and country code. When you have entered your phone number and the corresponding country code, you will directly receive an SMS with a special activation code. Once you enter this code in the App, your phone number is verified which means you can start using WhatsApp.

But why does WhatsApp need my personal phone number? Therefore WhatsApp has two important reasons. First of all, your phone number serves as your unique WhatsApp account. Since you are the only one who has access to your phone number, only you can send messages from your phone number and no one else. Another advantage of phone number verification is that you dan instantly see who of your contacts already use WhatsApp.


How can i verify my phone number in WhatsApp?

You can verify your phone number in two ways. So you can active your WhatsApp account in two different ways. By default, you can verify your phone number through a SMS message. After you have entered your phone number and country code, you will receive an SMS with a unique code. Once you have entered this code into the WhatsApp application, you are done. On newer devices the WhatsApp verification process works even faster. Once you submitted your phone number, WhatsApp will intercept the incoming SMS message and it will enter the activation code itself. In that case you don’t have to do anything yourself. Everything goes fully automatic.

I am not able to verify my phone number, what should i do?

Don’t you receive the SMS message with the activation code? Or does the activation code not work? In that case, there are a few steps you can take to verify your phone number anyway. First, you can try to verify your phone number using a phone call. Just select that you prefer a call above SMS. You will receive a call from WhatsApp and hear an automated voice that pronounces the activation code. Does verification by phone call also not work? Please check the following:

– Have you entered the correct phone number? – Have you selected the correct country code? – Are you connected to the Internet via WiFi, 3G or 4G? Using Roaming, you can not verify your phone number. – Remove the application and install WhatsApp again – Check if you can receive SMS messages from other senders. If you can’t receive SMS messages from other senders, the problem is probably on the side of your provider. – Ensure that incoming calls are not blocked. Read more about WhatsApp Calling. – Check if you have activated certain apps that are able to intercept incoming messages. Turn off these apps (For example Textsecure). – Turn off apps like Advanced Task Killer.

If the steps and tips above not work for you, you can contact WhatsAp. Therefore you go the the website www.whatsapp.com and you select the contact button. You can also check our dedicated WhatsApp support page to ask your questions.

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