WhatsApp Update 2.12.314 for Windows Phones Now Available for Download

The WhatsApp beta version, which was previously implemented on Windows Phones has recently been updated to WhatsApp Update 2.12.314 according to the NeuroGadget. The new update has several features that can be considered as relatively important and not just the usual bug fixes.

A key feature in the WhatsApp Update 2.12.314 is the localization of prompts wherein, users will be warned that the documents being sent will only work to those recipients with the latest version of the application. Another update is the new icon for Document, ready to be attached.

WhatsApp update 2.12.314 also includes an important update in video processing. According to NeuroGadget, WhatsApp has made some new compression update, in order to attach videos easily. Unfortunately, the WhatsApp update for video calling, which most users have been waiting for, is still not included on the current update.

Meanwhile, the beta version of WhatsApp update 2.12.314 was previously distributed to limited numbers of Windows Phone users only. Meaning, very few have tried the new features and although everyone expects to experience the latest update, it may take few more weeks before it will be available in the Windows Store.

Some additional features were also cited by WinBeta, which include the automatic resizing of text bubble, in order to accommodate the length of the text message. The notification feature of the app has also improved, showing a quicker clearing of notifications once the message has been read.

At least two features were unavailable on the WhatsApp update 2.12.314, that was readily present on the WhatsApp beta version; they are the ability of the user to send larger file document as well as videos.

After hitting at least 1 billion users this year, WhatsApp announced that they have stopped charging their consumers with annual fees, instead, relied on revenues from big corporations who wish to use the WhatsApp service. Despite that, WhatsApp continues to update its content, in order to provide better service to its users.

Have you tried WhatsApp update 2.12.314 on your Windows Phone device? What do your of the application’s latest update?

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