WhatsApp Ticks Explained

Well who’ve been using WhatsApp for long must be knowing what these ticks actually mean, but if you fall among those who’ve only started using WhatsApp recently you must’ve surely noticed a single tick, double ticks and the recently introduced blue ticks you get when you send a new message. Do you know what they stand for? It’s obvious for a new user to not get what these ticks mean, so it’s completely alright if you don’t understand them. What am I here for after all?

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Why Do I get One Tick?

When you send someone a message on WhatsApp and your internet connections is working fine, your message is immediately sent to the WhatsApp server somewhere on planet earth from where it’s directed to its destination. When you send a message you receive one tick.

Why isn’t the message delivered?

Why Do I get Two Ticks?

Now that you know why you get one tick on WhatsApp, we can move on to the second tick. When you’ve sent a message you get a single tick and when the message get’s delivered to the receiver’s phone you get two ticks. Keep in mind, the receiver must’ve not read the message. So it’s perfectly fine if you haven’t received a reply.

When Do I Get the Blue Ticks?

After you’ve received two ticks, have you ever seen them turning blue? That’s when the receiver has read your message. You receive the two blue checks when your message has been read. You may shortly expect a reply from the person at the other end!

How to Disable Blue Ticks on WhatsApp?

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings
  2. Tap on Account
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Uncheck Read Receipts

There’s an other way if you’d want to give a try. I think you must be aware of it, but if no, let me tell you.

That’s it. This trick might work for group chats as well.

Phew, that’s what the WhatsApp ticks mean!

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