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Are you the owner of an Symbian Based phone? Of course, Symbian is a relatively old operating system. It has less features than for example Android and iPhone phones. But does that mean that WhatsApp Messenger is not available for Symbian devices? No, despite the fact that Symbian is an old operating system, many Symbian devices still work with WhatsApp Messenger. Below you can read more information about how to download and install the App. Read on and download WhatsApp for Symbian directly for free. Multiple mobile brands offer Symbian devices. Well known brands are WhatsApp Nokia and WhatsApp Sony.

whatsapp download for symbian

How to download WhatsApp for Symbian

WhatsApp for Symbian is the youngest version of the App. This means, it is the latest addition of WhatsApp. Symbian is an mobile operating system that was designed and developed by Nokia. Years ago, Symbian phones used to be very popular. Especially Nokia phones that were running Symbian. These days, Symbian phones are still widely used. Especially in countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, Symbian has still an large market share. In general, Symbian devices are inexpensive and have some very basic features. It is a fact that the number of active users of this operating system is declining. This is also the reason that this WhatsApp version is often lagging behind in terms of updates. Nevertheless, it is still worthwhile to install this app on your phone. Unfortunately, Symbian phones do not have anything like a fancy App Store or PlayStore to download Apps. But WhatsApp has found a solution. Below we explain how to download WhatsApp on your Symbian phone. So it is not needed to search for hours how this works. Read the information carefully before you do anything. Before you start, make sure you phone is connected to the Internet before starting the installation.

WhatsApp Download for Symbian

1. Start your phone and open the Internet browser. Browse to the website http://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/. 2. You will see a green download button. Tap this download button. The download will start directly. 3. Symbian will show that a .SIS file is installed. This is a valid and legal file that directly comes from WhatsApp itself. 4. Once the download and installation has finished, you will receive a notification at the top of your screen. You can ten proceed with the installation. 5. When you open the WhatsApp Symbian App for the first time, the App will ask for your phone number. Just enter your phone number and country code and click on the verification button. You will receive a confirmation SMS with an special code in it. Open the SMS and copy this code to your WhatsApp App. WhatsApp knows that you are the legitimate owner of the phone number you have entered. 6. You have successfully downloaded WhatsApp for Symbian and you are ready to send your first free messages via the Internet. Good luck and have fun with the amazing free WhatsApp.

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