Whatsapp Supported Phones

Whatsapp is an Instant Messaging application that is designed for smartphones. It can be categorized as cross-platform instant messaging application that allows the users to exchange messages without the need to pay. You can even create groups and send not only text messages but also pictures, videos and also audio messages all at almost no cost. This is because the software uses the same internet data plan as you use your smartphones for browsing and also accessing emails. This technology allows you to text message your friends with no limitation.The cost for the whatsapp usage highly depends on your subscription of data plan that you subscribed with your network operator. However there are certain phones that are not Whatsapp supported. So, what are the Whatsapp Supported Phones? For phones that uses Android as its operating software, as long as it is Android OS 2.1 or later, Whatsapp can be installed and used. Your phones must also be subscribed to a data plan or can access Wi-Fi network. Whatsapp could not be used in any devices that only supports Wi-Fi only. It must have at least the capability of 3G or be able to receive data plan from your network operator. For iPhone users, Whatsapp can be installed in iPhone that have iOS 4.3 or later. Whatsapp could not be installed in iPod or iPad devices as it is not supported yet. For Blackberry users, BB that has the following OS 4.6, OS 4.7, OS 5, OS 6 and OS 7 can use Whatsapp. The Blackberry must also be equipped with a data plan. For Windows Phone, the phone that can use Whatsapp must have at least Windows Phone 7.5 or higher than and as well as data plan and also internet connection via wi-fi. However, for Nokia, not all model can be installed with Whatsapp as some of Nokia phones uses the Symbian operating software. Nokia phones such as c1, c2, Nokia 2700, 3130, x2 are not compatible with the Whatsapp application. But some Nokia variants supported Whatsapp such as Nokia 201, 210, 300, 301, 302. So, to know Nokia’s Whatsapp supported phones, the best way for you to check this is by visiting Whatsapp official website and under the FAQ for Nokia, you will be able to know which Nokia phones that can be used with Whatsapp.

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