WhatsApp stores deleted correspondence

removing anything that users want, so that no one else could get access to this information . As it turned out, the most popular in the world of instant messenger WhatsApp can not guarantee this. iOS security expert Jonathan Zdziarski studied images of the latest version of the application and found that even after removal of the correspondence on the device logs remain. This means that if someone gains physical access to your phone, you will be able to recover deleted chats. Also, the data can be returned by a remote backup system such as iCloud. In most cases, remote data is marked by the application itself, but since they are not overwritten, they can be returned. This is what happens in the case of WhatsApp.

We note that earlier in WhatsApp earned end-to-end encryption that protects data only at the time of transmission between devices, not allowing operators or other third parties to read the correspondence. Upon receipt of the message is stored not only in memory but also in the cloud service iCloud, so it can be accessed from any devaysa, connected to the same account.

“The main problem is that this correspondence is not ephemeral is ephemeral device “in memory –

said Jonathan Zdziarski

this problem does not particularly bother ordinary users, although it is contrary to earlier assurances WhatsApp developers of full security service.. It is worth noting that a large part of messengers also reserves the logs that can be learned through iCloud. Jonathan Zdziarski says iMessage and does reserve the bunch of “tracks”.

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