WhatsApp Sharing Button Generator

WhatsApp Sharing Button Generator

If you integrated the button in your site prior to 16-09-2014

, you need to update your code or the button won’t work anymore.

Buzzfeed says iPhone users are clicking their new WhatsApp button more than Twitter’s. This was enough for us to build a WhatsApp sharing button generator, so you can easily create your own.

WhatsApp sharing is currently supported by iOS and Android. This button will figure out the current platform by itself and only shows up on supported devices!

3. Get your button code:
4. Download the buttons source and upload it on your own server:

Download the current release, extract the archive and upload the whatsapp-button.js located in dist/ somewhere on your webserver.

5. Integrate the buttons source in your website:

Include the downloaded JavaScript file right before the end of </body>, replace the url/to/your/button/whatsapp-button.js with the url to the uploaded file:

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