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WhatsApp Plus Apk: The world of communication has undergone a massive change in the last decade. The way we talk to each other is undergoing a complete switch to non-personal mode! Most of the people now prefer to converse over social media. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus and many such applications/Softwares are now taking the place of face to face chats.

Whatsapp has revolutionized the way we send messages since its inception in the app universe. It has scaled peaks of popularity across the globe. Millions of people have downloaded it onto their mobile devices and computers. Many apps came to compete with it like hike, we chat etc. but none of them was able to match the simplicity and popularity achieved by WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp plus is an unofficial version of it that has surfaced with a bit more features than the original WhatsApp!

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Whatsapp plus is similar to the original WhatsApp in the appearance and working, yet it has added many new features to its kitty! The Whatsapp Plus for 2017 has been updated and now works more seamlessly than its predecessor. We are listing the features of it in the following section.

Latest 2017 Whatsapp Plus Apk Features | Whatsapp++ App Features:

  • Appearance– The app icon is not green like its original counterpart. It’s BLUE! Plus you can change the icon color further to your taste! The interface of the new Whatsapp plus app can be changed according to your color and theme preferences. Background, header, chat colors can be customized according to your taste.
  • Font style– Whatsapp+ lets you change the color and style of the fonts you use while chatting. You can choose the chat fonts according to your will and desire. It helps in beating the monotony of texts while you chat on Whatsapp++.
  • File Transfer– For the first time, an online messaging app has introduced the feature of transferring videos, songs, documents with file size greater than 50 MB! Isn’t it great? Just imagine how easy it will be now to transfer those large documents without the hassle of attaching them to your mails! A single tap on the drop down attachment menu and voila, u can add any file up to 50 MB for sending it to anyone in your contact list.
  • Image Sharing- People using original Watsapp often complain that the image quality gets degraded after the sender sends it to the receiver. The new Whatsapp Plus app is all set to change that completely. Yes guys, it allows you to send high-quality images as it is to the receiver. Gone are the days when we complained about the distortion in the quality of the sent images in Whatsapp!

Also, you can send more than 10 images at a time on Whatsapp Plus at a time which is way more than the original Whatsapp!

  • Location sharing– You do not need to share your location manually by tapping on the location sharing icon on whatsapp +. It automatically shares your location with the receiver while you chat! It has made the experience of talking to someone a tad less cumbersome!
  • Status– Whatsapp plus has reformed the way we are used to see a person’s status completely. You don’t have to tap on a person’s thumbnail on the contact list to open up his profile and status in it. The status appears right below the LAST SEEN display area here. Thus, it is much more simplified than the original whatsapp application.

Know The Whatsapp Plus Apk Installation Process On Android | Download Latest Whatsapp++ Apk:

The installation steps are going to be simple and clear. I am going to cover each and every step below. You will not get any issues if you follow all the steps properly. Most of the users who want to install Whatsapp plus app on their device fail in finding Whatsapp Puls .APK. So, I am going to share the location to get the app. You can directly get that to install on your phone.

  1. You will need to download the Whatsapp plus APK file to install Whatsapp Plus on your Android device. Before that you need to ensure that there is a tick on the box next to UNKNOWN SOURCE tab in your device settings. For that, open settings on your device, then click on security and then tap on the box for unknown sources.
  1. Now, you have to backup your original Whatsapp data first! For that go to your original Whatsapp settings and then click on the chats. Tap on backup and let the process complete itself.
  1. After completion of the backup process, uninstall the original Whatsapp and click on the link below. It will download the Whatsapp plus APK file on your device. After clicking on the link, click on the download tab that appears on the page that opens up on your device screen.

Download APK

  1. Whatsapp++ App is now installed on your Android device. Enter your details and restore the backup data. The app is now ready to use!
  • Apple IOS devices

Installation of Whatsapp plus on an apple device will require you to jailbreak your device first! You can later search for Whatsapp plus on the Cydia app and install it on your Apple device.

Follow The Below Steps For Installing Whatsapp Plus Apk  On Your Computer | Download Whatsapp++ Apk For PC Windows 10/8.1/7 And Mac:

download whatsapp plus apk on pc windows and mac
  1. Download and install Bluestacks emulator on your Mac or PC.
  2. Download Official Whatsapp apk for PC/MAC from the above link. Now open the Whatsapp apk and select Bluestacks for opening the APK file.
  3. You will receive a notification when the installation is done.
  4. Open notification.
  5. Now open your Whatsapp account in it .
  6. In Andy Android Emulator, If any app is not installing manually by opening an Apk, then simply copy the Apk from PC to Andy Android Emulator and then get access to it via file manager.
  7. You can download the Bluestacks emulator from here


And the Andy emulator from here


We have covered all the queries and concerns that may arise in your mind regarding the WhatsApp plus features, installation, and working methods. You may now install the app and enjoy a seamless chatting experience with your loved ones.

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