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Welcome readers, To day I am going to guide you about app which is  most popular in today’s world. Today I am going to tell you about WhatsApp Online Login Web & Sign up. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in nowadays.

You will find it on every smartphone, Android phone, iPhone or even in the Nokia’s S40 S 60 series phone. WhatsApp is not only allow users to share text messages but also contact files, images, videos in the single app. It also allows to share documents which feature is added in the latest updated version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp works on the mobile number as user ID. The user needs to add the mobile number to have access to it. It also can be accessed thorough Laptop or PC by using WhatsApp Web. Here I will show you how to use WhatsApp web and how to use in detail.

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WhatsApp Web for Online Login

There is no option or way available for directly log in to WhatsApp web. But WhatsApp allows using services by using WhatsApp web on PC online. The user has to register on WhatsApp mobile app with mobile number and then verification code is sent to the user. After entering correct verification, code user will be allowed to use WhatsApp.

Before using WhatsApp web, the user have to check some technical requirement of his/her PC. The user must have at least 4 GB ram with 4 to 5 GB remaining space in C drive to support WhatsApp web online on Laptop or PC.

The user have to make user that the graphics driver are updated with latest version or not. If you have all this things in your PC then don’t worry just read further and use WhatsApp on Laptop or PC without any using third party software.

Once the user creates the account, then he is allowed to sent and receive messages and files. Go to the official website of WhatsApp and select the WhatsApp web.

You will find QR code over there and also some steps foe how to enable WhatsApp web from mobile for iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia, Blackberry etc.

Whatsapp Web Download

Basically WhatsApp web one of the features of WhatsApp which allows user to use WhatsApp on PC without help of third party software and it is fully official and safe. So the user has to go to option panel of whatsApp in mobile and tap on WhatsApp web now camera screen will be open and scan the QR code which is on the PC. It will take few seconds to verify mobile number and then main screen will be opened.

This step would be different for every mobile which is shown below.

For Android,  open WhatsApp–> Menu–> WhatsApp Web

For Windows Phone,  open WhatsApp–> Menu–> WhatsApp Web

For Blackberry 10,  open WhatsApp–> Swipe down from top–> WhatsApp Web

For iPhone,  open WhatsApp–> Settings–> WhatsApp Web

For Blackberry ,  open WhatsApp–> Chats–>Menu key–> WhatsApp Web

For Nokia S60,  open WhatsApp–> Menu–> WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web timeout

Here if the user does not scan QR code or remain inactive for the certain time, then the user will be automatically logged out. So the user has to refresh the page and follow same steps.

Features of WhatsApp Web Online Login

After verification, You will see the main screen and find out all your previous chats on left side bar and menu icon above chat list. The user can use all the feature that one is using in mobile can use on PC except WhatsApp calling. It is synchronized with mobile and user’s mobile must have connected to the Internet while using WhatsApp Web.

Whatsapp web features

You can share images, videos, texts on PC along with your mobile phone. It will work simultaneously on both devices. So you can change your profile picture, status, create group, change account settings from PC and it will directly modify in mobile or vice versa. so you don’t need to in both device. It is also it’s one of the most powerful features of it.

How to use WhatsApp on PC using Andy

I know after reading features and popularity of WhatsApp you also wants to download it but if you don’t have an mobile which supports WhatsApp then what will do? Please don’t get upset you can do it with the help of third party app. I will guide you how to use WhatsApp on PC.

If the user wants to download and run WhatsApp on Laptop or PC, then one must have Android emulator to run it. Android Emulator is software which allows Android apps to run on Windows Laptop or PC. There are so many Android emulators available like BlueStacks, Andy and many more. I will use Andy to download.

WhatsApp messenger

First of all the user must have downloaded Andy on one’s PC. Then and only then one can move further. To then go to Google Play store find and download WhatsApp and run it on PC.

Here the user has to enter a valid mobile number which one wants to use for communication. After doing this, A verification code will be sent to user and one has to enter in WhatsApp after getting verified user can use the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the best messenger app

There is no doubt in this sentence because of WhatsApp is doing a magnificent job by providing world class services. Till now there are over one billion active users and millions are being added everyday.

So lets see on some number, There over 700 million photos and 100 million videos are being shared everyday on WhatsApp and all of this thing without any network or server failure.

Gibe me the name of any app except WhatsApp, which allows you to call your friends, followers, relatives across the world without costing single penny. I am sure there is no answer to this question. WhatsApp don’t charge ant money for calling it uses only Internet data of the user to enable calling rather than cellular plan’s minutes.

Recently WhatsApp has launched end to end Encryption in sharing texts. Which provides more security to your texts and keep them safe from getting hacked. Even WhatsApp will not know what is being sent except sender and receiver. So it is single largest encryption and privacy rolls out in the world.

WhatsApp Android

So you have got an idea why WhatsApp is most popular and number one message sharing app. It is just more than messaging  I hope you have understood WhatsApp Web, and it’s feature if you find any trouble in that then share it with me.

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