WhatsApp Now Lets You Block Group Chat Shitheads

Who’s the worst person you know in a WhatsApp group chat?

That aunt who sends you nonstop memes of Santa twerking? Or the friend who responds with 20+ emojis instead of expressing his actual feelings? Or how about the kid who is honestly so bored she has nothing to do but send endless streams of texts that do nothing but occupy her time and fill your inbox?

We all know someone who just shouldn’t exist in our Whatsapp world.

Introducing WhatsApp’s newest feature: the ability to block a single person from a group chat. This addition is part of a new wave of changes introduced by the app that includes a website that allows you to use the app from your computer. WhatsApp is like a religion for Argentines so these changes are way welcome.

The block feature is still pending, but as soon as its available you, yeah you, annoying kid with bad group chat etiquette, may find yourself shouting into an empty group chat like:

Photo via Buzzfeed

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