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The Nokia brand has become a standard in the telecom industry. You might remember the first Nokia 3310, which was at that time a great and innovative phone. After the strong rise of various smartphone brands like iPhone and Samsung, Nokia’s marketshare decreased a lot. Late September 2014, Microsoft bought Nokia Mobile. Short after the acquisition, Microsoft announced that the Nokia brand will completely disappear. “Microsoft Lumia” will become the new brand name. This does not mean that the brand Nokia has completely disappeared in the year 2015. According to research by Telecompaper, Nokia still has a market share of about 3%. Especially in countries in Africa and Asia, Nokia is still a quite popular smartphone brand. This means there are still a lot of Nokia phones in circulation. But what about WhatsApp for Nokia? On this page you will find a lot more information about how to download, install, verify and use WhatsApp for Nokia.


Can i download WhatsApp for my Nokia device?

Many Nokia devices are supported by WhatsApp. Especially the more recent devices that are running on Windows Phone are very suitable for WhatsApp. In addition there are a number of Nokia’s in circulation that run on the Android operating system. This is for example the Nokia X2. Also these devices work well in combination with WhatsApp Messenger. There are also lots of Nokia phones that use the Windows Mobile or Symbian software. WhatsApp for these Nokia devices is not always available. Please also take a loot at the WhatsApp website to see if your Nokia device is supported. You can check this on http://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/ and http://www.whatsapp.com/s40/.

How do i download WhatsApp for Nokia Windows Phone devices?

Most recent Nokia devices are running on the Windows phone operating system. Famous examples are the Nokia Lumia Phones. The download of WhatsApp for Nokia devices that make use of this software is very easy and completely free. Below you can find the basic instructions:

Step 1: Open the Windows Phone Store on your Nokia device. This App is installed by default on your Nokia Step 2: Use the search function within the Windows Phone Store and search for “WhatsApp Messenger”. Step 3: Select the first search result called “WhatsApp Messenger”. Make sure you select the first result, and not the second or third. Step 4. WhatsApp will be downloaded and installed. After verifying your phone number, you can directly start sending messages to all your WhatsApp contacts.

At the moment you can find a specific download tutorial for different Nokia devices. Below you can find an overview with all WhatsApp Nokia Downloads. Select your Nokia device and you will instantly see whether your device is ready for WhatsApp and how you can download the App for your particular phone or tablet.

Wide support, especially the Lumia Serie works great with WhatsApp! Especially the new Nokia Lumia serie works great in combination with WhatsApp. Also older Nokia devices running on Symbian are supported in most cases.

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