Whatsapp Nokia Lumia 520


Presently, everybody possesses mobiles in their hands and some of them want to keep in touch with their beloved ones all the time. Whatsapp messenger is regarded as the cross platform mobile messaging app that permits the user the swap over messages without having to pay for the messages. Whatsapp messenger is a Smartphone messenger accessible for android, iPhone, nokia phones, and blackberry and windows phone. Moreover, whatsapp utilizes wi-fi or 3G connection in order to send messages to your family and friends. Probably, switch from SMS to whatsapp for the purpose of sending and receiving messages, audio notes, videos messages and many others.

Vital usage of whatsapp for nokia Lumia:

Whatsapp for Nokia created uprising in the messaging world. This messenger strikes all other messengers and stands in top list among all other. Comparatively, this messenger beats all other messenger like facebook messenger and BBM. Whatsapp become very popular among the people because it does involves that much memory and this messenger is almost free for one year and after that only you have to pay charge for it. At this moment, Whatsapp Nokia Lumia 520 has reached several million of user and it is very fast than twitter users and almost four times effective than the BBM messenger. Several companies have preinstalled whatsapp and at this time mobile giant nokia establish a whatsapp dedicated for the prime mobile phone Nokia Lumia 520.

Whatsapp Nokia Lumia 520

Features of nokia Lumia 520 whatsapp:

If you possess any phone in the series nokia Lumia 520 then you can easily download messaging application whatsapp for it and it runs on the window phone OS. Whatsapp Nokia Lumia 520 is a free chat and it supports all the nokia phones and when you installed the whatsapp in your mobile you can send messages over your registered friend on whatsapp service. Whatsapp is available in the window phone store and you can get thousands of free apps for your Lumia phone. You can also utilize premade messages like I am busy, my battery is about to die, available and hence you can also mass some messages within the app. If you want to know the speed of messages send over using the whatsapp

Settings present in nokia Lumia whatsapp:

Whatsapp messenger makes you to perform chat with you any person preset around the work and they must also posses the app and you will also get some extra features to make text messages in fun filled manner. With this chat app installation in your mobile, you can able to save more money on the text messages by means of your carrier as well as cross platforms. Through the whatsapp messenger you can able to modify the background as well as send your GPS location with the aid of the interactive map. There are no leaps and bounds in this Whatsapp Nokia Lumia 520 while compared to other messaging apps and it compose only beneficial features for the users.

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