WhatsApp Messenger vs. Watsup Messenger

When you are enjoying huge success, suitors are always all over. This is the exact case with Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger.

We’ve seen the likes of GBWhatsApp and even WhatsApp Plus, but you’ve probably heard little about Watsup Messenger. Similar to GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, Watsup Messenger is a clone of the original version, which means you’ll come across some similarities in terms of services offered, but there are differences as well.

To start off, let’s look at the few similarities between WhatsApp Messenger and Watsup Messenger. As you may have already guessed, both apps are available for download via the Google Play Store, which means the search engine giant has certified them as secure for use on Android phones. The two are also free to download and install.

Watsup Messenger also supports a limited set of features. In fact, you can only communicate via messages on this app whereas WhatsApp Messenger adds voice and video calling to this feature. The best part of the former app is that you can enjoy groups that have up to 5000 members. You also get unlimited cloud storage for all of your chats, something that does users a great favor thanks to the fact that Watsup has no limit on the size of files shared.

Also, Watsup Messenger allows users to send self-destructing messages, where the recipient has only a few seconds to read a message upon opening it, after that, it’s deleted.

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