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Following some easy steps keep WhatsApp always in workable condition

WhatsApp is the latest craze in the world of instant messaging and transfer of data. The application is available for internet based smartphones with Android and iOS operating system. The application has wide many features that helps the users to communicate with the rest of the world dynamically; thus, professional people also use this application for accomplishing many of their responsibilities.

It is no wonder that once the users get accustomed with this application, life becomes easier and communication becomes much faster and meaningful. Thus, if this really important application doesn’t work for any technical reasons, its users get puzzled because world suddenly seems silent.

There are Varied Reasons Behind such Disturbances in the WhatsApp Application –

One common reason may be the connection problem. In most of the cases, it is found that network issues are the main culprits behind malfunctioning of WhatsApp. Users often complain to the customer service that WhatsApp is sending but not delivering messages. On investigation, in most of situation it is detected that due to poor network such problems are surfacing.

In some other situation without the knowledge of the sender, the other person may have blocked the sender. Thus, a sent message or image could never be received by the latter’ s system.

Whatsapp Unable To Send Messages and Pictures

Thus, these types of common issues for WhatsApp unable to send messages and pictures are often found to be non-technical in nature or not directly linked with the WhatsApp application directly. Users often contact WhatsApp customer service when they saw that a send message is not delivered to the receivers account. Very efficient team of WhatsApp customer service solve these issues or advises the users on how to solve those issues.

Guide and support for WhatsApp messages not sending messages, images and videos in very efficient manner provided by the customer care executives. These executives normally ask the users to check the following aspects –

1. Whether the network signal is in fine condition

2. Whether is WhatsApp is updated regularly

3. Whether the receiver of the message have his or her mobile switched on

4. Whether the contact number is still working or the receiver has changed the number

5. It is also to be ensured that the receiver has not blocked the user

Some Very Common Issues Often Related To The Customer Care are as follows –

WhatsApp installation related issues.

People sometimes complain that they are not receiving the activation code, even after several attempts.

Complains also come that WhatsApp is unable to recognize the contacts in the phone.

Problem is viewing WhatsApp videos.

The ‘Last Seen’ function is not working is often reported.

Various problems related to voice call service is often conveyed to the customer care executive.

Audio messages are no downloading in the device or the volume is too low to understand clearly is also a common issue.

Users sometimes complain that downloads of videos or photos on WhatsApp are not getting done.

Users report that the earlier messages are not showed by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a popular mode of communication these days. Its easiness and multidimensional features help the account holders to use this Application to communicate without anybody throughout the world at much lower expenses than traditional calls or SMS systems. But, a user needs to ensure that his or her WhatsApp is up dated and internet is working smoothly.

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