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WhatsApp is the most popular mobile application after Facebook which has been used by about 1 million users daily. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and from the first year of its launch, its become popular due to its unique concept. A WhatsApp user can found WhatsApp application on their mobile very easily through its logo design which is very unique and profession.

Usually a technology related logo design is being designed for web version and later the icon of that logo design has been designed for mobile application but this does not happened in case of WhatsApp because it is a mobile application and company want to target mobile users increase of web users. That’s why the company comes up with an iconic logo design which can be easily used for multi purposes including marketing and branding.

Since 2009, WhatsApp has not changed their logo design and I believe they won’t because their customers are well aware with their mobile application due to its logo design. “WhatsApp logo design” is a great inspiration for graphic designer and logo designer to get inspiration and ideas to design logo design and icon for their customers who are looking for logo design for their mobile application.

WhatsApp logo design has only two colors which includes green and white. WhatsApp have the same color logo design for their iOS users but it is bit different. Instead of having transparent background, WhatsApp has added green color background in their iOS logo design where the green color is also bit bright as compare to Android version logo design.

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You can download WhatsApp logo design with transparent background below including its font and can use it for inspiration in your next logo design project.

Whatsapp Logo


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