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LG is stil a major player in the international phone market. Every day, thousands of people worldwide use an LG smartphone. Especially the latest LG phones like the LG Nexus 5, LG G2 and G3 LG are quite popular. These new LG devices are running on the Android operating system. Android and WhatsApp is a perfect combination. WhatsApp provides constantly the latest updates so you can always use WhatsApp without worrying about your privacy or safety. Additionally, you can easily make backups with WhatsApp for Android. It is also very easy to manage your privacy settings. In terms of phone design and features, you can compare LG with Huawei and HTC.


How do i download WhatsApp for LG?

As mentioned, most LG phones run on Android. Besides, there are also LG device that run on e.g. Windows Mobile, Symbian or an own operating system of LG (for example the LG Cookie). LG devices that run on Windows Mobile and on LG’s own operating system are unfortunately not supported by WhatsApp.

Does your LG phone runs on Android 2.1 or above? And do you have 20MB free storage available to download and install the App? Than you can instantly download and install WhatsApp via the Google Play Store. You can find an extended explanation of how to download WhatsApp for LG Android devices in the WhatsApp for Android section.

In a nutshell: Open the Google Play Store and tap on the search icon. Now you obviously search for “WhatsApp”. As you can see there are a bunch of Apps that match this search command. It is important that you just select the first search result called “WhatsApp Messenger”. After you tap on the blue Download button, the download and installation will directly start. The last step is the verification of your phone number. WhatsApp uses your unique phone number so that you have a unique account and you can send messages to contacts that are in your address book.

There are lots of LG phones available in all shapes and sizes. What about WhatsApp for your LG phone? Below you can find an overview of all LG devices that are currently in our database. You can directly check if your device is included. After you have selected your phone, you will see if your phone is compatible with WhatsApp or not. Moreover, you can read a short tutorial that explains how the download and installation procedure works.

WhatsApp for LG works perfect! WhatsApp for LG works great. Especially on the newer LG devices like the G2 and G3 serie. Older devices that use for example Windows Mobile are not supported

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