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Over the most recent couple of years, WhatsApp has turned into the true method of correspondence for the majority of us? Family, working environment and companions, WhatsApp keeps us “associated” with all. Yet, there are still a few elements that the world’s best informing application needs – highlights that it rivals brag of. Here are 8 highlights missing in WhatsApp that you may discover in its adversaries.


whatsapp stickers

Words are slowly being replaced by emoticons. Why type “this is so funny” when you can use a “smiley” emoticon, right? Emoticons, however, aren’t being replaced by stickers though they might be feeling the pressure from stickers. Stickers have become an essential part of most messaging apps available. It does come as a surprise that this feature remains missing from arguably one of the most popular app – Whatsapp. Other popular apps, including, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Hike and others offer a sea of stickers to the users to make conversations more interesting.

Selfie GIF

whatsapp selfie gif

It’s no longer “breaking information” that selfies are pretty the fashionso much in order that smartphones are being sold on the selfie proposition. Google, in fact, went one step in advance and brought a GIF selfie feature in its messaging app Allo. WhatsApp to this point hasn’t stuck on to the selfie GIF bug.

the new selfie GIFs permit users to create GIFs with the aid of capturing quick movies with the selfie cameras in their smartphones. it is an in-app feature and doesn’t require any 0.33celebration equipment to paintings.

Private Chatting

whatsapp private chat

Of course, there are a few chats or conversations which you would love to maintain personal – from every personperhaps a reason why numerous messaging apps come with Incognito or personal chat mode.

The mode allows you to keep the chat secure and private, and as soon as study the messages routinely get deleted from the app. The customers can also set a timer and then the chat will be erased. Apps like Line, WeChat, Google Allo offer this feature. WhatsApp userswe’re sure, are ready with bated breath for the function to make an look at the app.


whatsapp poke

Do human beings nonetheless “poke every different”? seemingly, they do as most different famous messaging apps appearto have the featurethis option is used to attract the eye of human beings you’re chatting with. All one desires to do is double tap on the chat area and their friends’ cellphone would vibrate and a hand icon might appear within the chat region.

In App Wallet

whatsapp wallet

Whatsapp is still in the planning phase with its in-app wallet, but Hike Messenger has already introduced the same last month. The wallet service launched by Hike is based on government-backed unified payments interface (UPI).

The wallet can be used to do free and instant bank-to-bank transfers to other mobile users, including even those who are not on Hike messenger.

Live Filtering

whatsapp filter

Live filters became immensely popular with Snapchat and later Facebook-owned Instagram too introduced this feature in May.

While WhatsApp now allows you to edit images by doodling on pictures, and adding text and emoticons on them before sending, the Live filters has still not made its way to the instant messaging app. Back in February, WhatsApp brought the ‘Status’ feature to its app, like Snapchat’s stories.

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