WhatsApp Is Buggy in iOS 9, And Here Are The 6 Common Problems

WhatsApp Is Buggy in iOS 9, And Here Are The 6 Common Problems

Here we go again:

WhatsApp hasn’t been optimised or updated for iOS 9 yet, and that leaves the messenger with tonnes of painful problems – from crashing to lagging and loading a blank conversation.

And in this article, we have listed some of the most common problems iPhone users are facing when using the WhatsApp messenger on iOS 9 firmware:

1. Screen Blanks Out / Doesn’t Load

Whenever you open the WhatsApp Messenger to check messages, all you get is a blank screen that never loads any content.


2. Lagging / Slowness

WhatsApp lags heavily when you take actions such as scroll through the conversation or switch between calls, chats and contacts. Remember that even iOS 9 is slow and lags.


3. Volume Drops As You Play Music

WhatsApp stops the song in the background as you type and send a multimedia message to your friend – pic, audio, or video file.


Details: WhatsApp Turns Down Volume

4. Can’t Verify Call / Setup WhatsApp

Only iOS 9.1 beta users are affected with this issue wherein WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to verify your WhatsApp account.


Details: WhatsApp Setup Error

5. Sideway Notifications

WhatsApp delays in sending notifications. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get a notification on the left side of your screen (even when you are holding the device vertically).

6. Blank Conversation Bubble

Say you are in a group messaging thread, then WhatsApp will show you a blank conversation bubble with no text / content. The content appears when you restart the messenger, but it is still a bug that needs to be addressed.


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