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WhatsApp has now nearly 750 million worldwide. For all these millions of users, it is officially only possible to use WhatsApp on a smartphone. For example, a phone that runs on Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS or Symbian. However, there arises an increasing demand for WhatsApp also be used on other devices. For example, on a PC/Mac or on an iPad. WhatsApp iPad is a combination that is frequently more and more demanded. WhatsApp & iPad seems an ideal combination for WhatsApp users. All your WhatsApp conversations clearly displayed on the large and clear display of the iPad. And it is possible now!

Can I download WhatsApp on my iPad?

As mentioned, WhatsApp has no official iPad version yet. It is also questionable whether there will ever be an official version for the iPad. Namely an iPad does not have a phone-number such as a smartphone uses. And it is clear that you need and an phone number to create an account for WhatsApp. Yet, there are on the Internet plenty of tutorials to read, videos and blogs that explain how to download and install WhatsApp on your iPad. The most clear and specific explanation can be found on the website of Macworld. On this website we explain step by step what to do, and support that with some clear screenshots. Note: Downloading and installing WhatsApp iPad is entirely at your own risk. Have you already tried to download and install WhatsApp on your iPad? Place your experiences, questions and tips in the facebook form below!

There is no official version of WhatsApp for iPad. Anyway, there is a way to install it anyway. Below you’ll find our latest tutorial for iPad running on iOS7, IOS8 and higher. The biggest problem is that you just can not search for WhatsApp in the apple app-store, as you do with an iPhone. Also for the iPod Touch this is not the case. Do not worry, we have found a download link which gives you the ability to transfer WhatsApp iPad download and installation files to the device by the use of your computer. You do not have to jailbreak your iPad to perform all the steps!


How can you download and install WhatsApp on an iPad?

It is no longer possible to install a version of WhatsApp on a iPad via the app-store. You should always have an PC at hand when you you want to download the installation files. These files can help you to download the required application files and to convert these files actually on the iPad. Now proceed the download proces by following the the next steps.

// Itunes Now open iTunes and search via the search bar for the application “WhatsApp”. You see this icon displayed in the iPhone apps category. Yes, you really have to download the iPhone app version to your computer! This is very simple by clicking on the download button. Log-in with your Apple ID to proceed. At that time, download the WhatsApp.ipa files to your PC or Mac.


// .ipa Leaflet Now we are going a step further because we will remove the installation files out of the .ipa file. We do this with another application. Open “finder” if you have a Mac, or “scout” if you have a Windows PC. Now go to the folder where all your music from iTunes is stored. Click on iTunes Media > and then > Mobile Applications. You see in this folder all .ipa files of the applications that you have downloaded. Scroll down until you will see the WhatsApp.ipa file, and drag it to the desktopscreen of your PC/Mac.


// Install iFunbox The next step before we can proceed with the installation is to download the iFunbox software. This can be done via www.i-funbox.com. It is completely free to download and use this software. Through this program, you can view and edit the files in your iPad, you can also delete applications. Below you can find a screenshot of the software. The software is available for Windows and Apple iMac users. Connect your iPad to your PC. Now click in the iFunbox software on “install app”. Navigate to your desktop and click on the WhatsApp.ipa that we have downloaded. The app will now be installed quickly, and you will now see the app icon also already in your iPad menu. If it still does not work then you should follow the next and final steps to proceed with this tutorial


// IPhone to iPad option In the next section we explain how you can copy the iPhone version to an iPad. What should you do: install WhatsApp through the normal way on your iPhone. So go to the AppStore on your smartphone. It is important that it is a completely new installation, so delete the old version of WhatsApp of your phone. Now click on the icon, verify your number, and follow the rest of the verification steps. You will use the mobile phone number that you register here later on for your WhatsApp iPad. So you get a text message containing the code to confirm this number. Now disconnect the iPad from your PC and connect the iPhone again. Start iFunbox back on again. click on “user application” under “iphone”. Than double-click the icon of WhatsApp. Now go to the “libary and Documents” folder, you will find it on your desktop. Here you can now see your registration data. For more detail check the screenshot below.


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