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Whatsapp application has now grown in popularity because it is easy to use as well as free from ads. However, there are some users who prefers to have more control in terms of privacy in using this app. For Whatsapp users, you can now set your Whatsapp to invisible status mode by disabling your ‘Last Seen at’ status. By turning this setting off, you will be considered in invisible status mode. As all Whatsapp users already know, the ‘Last Seen at” status shows the last timestamp you are logged into the Whatsapp account or when the last time you open up the application. Because of this some users find that ‘the last seen’ status can cause some misconception on why you are not answering a message quickly or not responding even though the status shows you just logged in. The Last seen status will show what is the latest time you have open the WhatsApp application. However, not many users are comfortable of showing this status. This was also covered previously in our past article of WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.If you are using iOS, you can easily hide your last seen status.  Just follow this simple step:-

Step 1 Go to your WhatsApp Settings. If you don’t know where it is just open WhatsApp and you will see it at right bottom of your screen.

Step 2 After tapping the settings, tap into ‘Account’. If you don’t know where is ‘Account’ button, it is the blue icon with an image of a key.

Step 3 In the Account, choose Privacy. Here you can change the ‘Last Seen’ status, Profile Photo as well status from being seen from either nobody, your contacts or everyone.

Additional Step for being invisible:-

Whatsapp invisible

Blocked Contact Choose the ‘Blocked’ and tap the ‘Add New’ button. There you can select which contact that you want to be invisible from. Blocked contacts can no longer be able to call you or send you messages.

Uncheck the Read receipts You can also be able to read messages even without notifying the other person you have read their messages by unchecking the read receipts option. However, by unchecking this you will also not be able to see whether your message have been read by other people.

Bonus tips:-

Use the Airplane mode If you do want to read a message but do not want to be seen as online, you can activate your smart phone airplane mode. This setting will deactivate your phone from sending data outside even with WhatsApp. However, you can still open your Whatsapp and read the messages that have been sent earlier. The blue ticks also will not appear as your WhatsApp would not be able to send any confirmation of the messages being read due to the blocked internet connectivity. Read more on how deactivate the Whatsapp Blue ticks. As for Android users, before this, Android users do not have the option to do this but recently, Whatsapp have made changes that lets you to hide the ‘last seen at’ timestamp as well as hide your pictures and messages as well. In order to use this settings, current users need to install the latest Whatsapp update from Google Play Store. Once updated you can set the new privacy settings as similar to the one in iOS in which you can see this settings under the privacy option. Whatsapp Android users can basically set their settings into invisible status mode by hiding the last seen status, hide their profile picture as well as their status from their contact list, selected people or from everyone. Read also our article on how to stop WhatsApp from downloading the images and videos sent to you.

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