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In Europe, Huawei is one of the fastest growing phone brands. Currently, Huawei has a market share of approximately 3 percent. This means the market share of the Chinese brand is about as large as brands like Blackberry and Nokia. Research by Telecompaper shows that owners of Huawei smartphones are very positive about their phone. Based on their research results, they expect that Huawei will grow rapidly in the coming years. Huawei appears to be very popular among both older people and teenagers. But what about WhatsApp for Huawei? Huawei is not for so long active in the smartphone market. This means that almost all Huawei phones are suitable for the download of WhatsApp. Most of the Huawei devices run on the Android operating system. All of these Android Phones are compatible with WhatsApp Messenger. Next to the Android devices, Huawei also offers Windows Phone devices like the Huawei Ascend W2. This device makes use of the Windows Phone 8 operating system which is also an ideal operating system for WhatsApp. In terms of market share, Huawei is similar to WhatsApp Sony.


Can i download WhatsApp for my Huawei?

Currently, there are about 25 different Huawei devices available on the market. Almost all of the Huawei devices run on the Android operating system. The download of WhatsApp on these Huawei Android devices is a piece of a cake. You just open the gGoogle Play Store, search for WhatsApp Messenger and tap on the Download button. Do you have problems with the download? Please go to WhatsApp Android where you can find detailed information about the installation for Android devices.

In addition to Android devices, Huawei also offers Windows Phone based smartphones. Just like for Android, the download and installation of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is very easy. Moreover, the download is completely free. The quickest way to download the App is through the Windows Phone Store. Check the page WhatsApp Windows Phone for detailed information about the installation procedure.

Is WhatsApp for Huawei free to download?

Yes, WhatsApp for Huawei is completely free to download. Dit does not only apply to Huawei devices, it applies to all mobile phone brands. During the first year, you don’t pay anything. It is still unclear what will happen after the first year. WhatsApp already announced they will charge a small amount of money (about 1 dollar per year) for the use of WhatsApp. But after the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, it is uncertain if this will really happen. The primary goal of Facebook is not the money but the number of users. So if WhatsApp start charging money, people could switch to other messaging services like Telegram, Line or Wechat.

Does WhatsApp works on my particular Huawei?

Currently, we are working hard to include all Huawei devices in our database. We want to show for any Huawei device whether it is compatible with WhatsApp or not. Moreover, we want to give a clear explanation of how to download the App. The Huawei devices that are currently in our database are shown below.

WhatsApp for Huawei: Support for all devices Because all Huawei devices are relatively new, almost every Huawei device is compatible with WhatsApp. The download for both Android and Windows Phone devices is very easy and completely free!

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