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The phone brand HTC has grown rapidly in recent years. Not only in Asia, but especially also in Europe and the United States. After Apple and Samsung, HTC is working hard te become the number three on the European smartphone market. Since there are so many HTC users worldwide, there are also more and more questions and problems with WhatsApp for HTC. The download and installation of WhatsApp for HTC is tot the same for all HTC devices. This is because the HTC devices run on different operating systems. Currently, most HTC devices are running the Android OS. Well known examples are the newer HTC One devices.

In addition, there are also a lot of HTC devices that are using the Windows Phone 8 operating system. You can for example think about the HTC Windows Phone 8S. Finally, there are also a couple of HTC devices that run on the outdated Windows Mobile software. For example the HTC Touch Diamond and the HTC Pure. These Windows Mobile devices are officially not supported by WhatsApp. HTC is a quite big international Phone brand. It comes closer and closer to big brands like Samsung and iPhone.


How can i download WhatsApp for HTC?

WhatsApp for HTC can be downloaded on both Android devices and Windows Phone devices.

WhatsApp for HTC with Android Does your HTC run on Android 2.1 or higher? And do you have 20MB of storage available? In that case you can directly download WhatsApp Messenger. Android users can download and install WhatsApp instantly via the Google Play Store. Most people already know how to download Apps via the Play Store. Are you a beginner and do you need more information about this topic? You can read an extensive explanation of how to download WhatsApp via the Play Store on our WhatsApp for Android page. Good luck!

WhatsApp for HTC with Windows Phone Does your Windows Phone device makes use of Windows Phone 7.5 or higher? And do you have a free storage of at least 16MB? Than it is very easy to download WhatsApp. The download and installation procedure is very easy and is usually not a problem. The download goes quick and easy via the Windows Phone Store. Perhaps you already have some experience with the download of Apps via the Windows Phone Store. In that case it might not be a problem for you to download WhatsApp Messenger. But if you don’t have any experience with the Store you might need some additional information. You can directly visit the WhatsApp Windows Phone page for an extensive tutorial that explains step by step how to download and install the App!

For both Android and Windows Phone devices, you can download WhatsApp for free. Throughout the first year, you pay nothing. Only after the first year, you pay an annual fee of about 1 dollar (€0,75). More information about this topic can be found on the WhatsApp Payment page. Once you have downloaded and installed the WhatsApp Messenger App, you have to verify your phone number. This requires an active SIM card which is not linked to any other WhatsApp account.

Does my HTC device supports WhatsApp?

On this website you can find for a large number of phones and tablets whether they are compatible with WhatsApp or not. Below you can find all HTC devices that are currently included in our database. Select your HTC device to see whether it works with WhatsApp and how you can download the App the easiest way.

Android & Windows Phone is great! Unfortunately, Windows Mobile is not supported

The newer HTC devices that are running Android and Windows Phone work perfectly in combination with WhatsApp. Unfortunately, older devices with the Windows Mobile software are not supported.

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