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Sourcing for Talent to fill high profiles is usually done with Executive Search Sourcing. A process similar to the Head-Hunting technique; wherein candidates are sourced & screened based on some criteria. Executive Search Sourcing is generally done by Executive Search firms that specialise in it.  

We are all quite familiar with Executive Search Sourcing but what about those of us who are novices to Executive Search Sourcing? Considering this aspect as well we @SourcingAdda decided to host our popular Wednesday’s discussions on this particular topic on two aspects namely,

  1. Different methods & tools for Executive Search Sourcing
  2. The difference between Executive and Non-Executive Search Sourcing

As suggested by our members Ankush from the Pune Group and Achyut from the Hyderabad Group. And here’s what we’ve come across…

If you’ve read this far then I’m sure you’ve found what you’re looking for and you’d like some more clarity on what has been discussed. Hence, here are some key take a ways about Executive Search Sourcing on aspects that need to be considered that you ought to know as a novice…

The Approach

  • Sourcing for High Profile Talent needs strategic and indebt understanding
  • Informing messages such as “Out of office” goes a long way when dealing with High Profile Talent Hunt.
  • Good etiquette in communication skills simplifies the task as it enables you to better understand the Candidate relationship.
  • A generic approach of CV downloads and calling is an incorrect approach
  • It involves having new ideas and strategies to Source Talent and requires one to be strong in relationship building.
  • It’s not just Sourcing & Processing Profiles but beyond Excel Data hence you learn niche skills
  • Need to have some level of understanding and develop professional etiquette as well as communication skills when interacting with Senior Folks.


  • When Sourcing for IT & Non-IT Talent it is difficult to network as most of these people don’t have an active presence on Social media

Possible Solutions

  • Speak to a lot of junior candidates to understand the below mentioned aspects –
  1. Identify the organisation structure
  2. Get the name of the person/s they report to
  3. Find out the team size and structure, regional scope etc.
  4. Once you have a name than get their contact details via board-line calling or telephone sourcing


  • Referrals still top the charts when Sourcing for Talent
  • Networking is essential to compliment the task of Sourcing Top Talent
  • Organisation mapping is another method and fast growing in Sourcing for Talent
  • A tool like officialboard.com helps in providing an organisational structure
  • A Scarcity of Experts leads to Companies relying on Vendors (Specialists) to fulfil Positions

Difference between Executive and Non – Execuitive Search Sourcing

  • Networking helps in building trust for Senior Level openings with Executive search in contrast to Non – Executive search

Well this brings the interesting and informative discussion to and end with lots of take a ways to help you meet your Talent Sourcing needs whether you are new to this concept or simply looking for more information about it. I trust you find the information useful and to your satisfaction.

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