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Technology has definitely simplified our tasks and this holds true for most Talent Acquisitionists and Recruiters alike. The development of software and the ATS is proof enough of the simplicity of the tasks. Although most organisations have moved on to such tools for better productivity we often forget how the Talent Acquisition profession used to be like.

With that being said we decided to open a time capsule to the same to familiarise ourselves with what was, what is and what will be. Along similar lines @SourcingAdda we conducted our popular Wednesday discussions on, “How to Leverage Technology into HR?” upon the Pune group member Kavitha’s suggestion. And here’s what we uncovered but before that remember that we’ll be highlighting the key take a ways thereafter…

Well this brings us to the end of another great discussion with a lot of inputs to take back and think about.  So let’s find out how technology has made a difference to our performance and check how much we’ve understood, so here goes…

How the Recruitment Industry has evolved

The key take a ways have been segregated into these sections to ease the learning since we’ve covered a lot of aspects. 

Traditional Recruiting

  • Data was maintained manually in excel which was time consuming and often resulted in delayed progress reports.
  • Prior to the arrival of Technology the visibility of Hiring was less
  • Previously HR wasn’t thought to be technical but the recent trend is inclined towards technological advancements

Technology Recruiting

Effects of Technology in Recruiting

  • Automated processes help streamlining 
  • Recruiter efficiency and time management with maximum productivity is maintained
  • Marking the criteria for job applications and designing assessments for niche or difficult roles is easy
  • The Recruitment Industry evolved due to the development of technologies like ATS, ERP, Portals, and Social Media
  • Different Recruitment software assisted in the appropriate maintenance of staffing activity and candidate status thus reducing manual time and effort required to complete tasks
  • Recruitment is now done using job portals, internal ATS for the candidate and position information etc.
  • Updated data on any platform is dependent on Candidates updating their records or resumes in real time.
  • With updated databases; catching the best Talent at the earliest is easy
  • With Recruitment tools to assist; Talent Acquisitionist’s are constantly learning about upcoming tools
  • To boost learning; activities are conducted with the help of several modules and platforms
  • Even a simple task of reporting payrolls have shifted on to tools


  • Need for a system for data mining is important
  • To conduct effective operations; analytics that can be churned through a system is needed
  • With Technology; applicant databases of information are continuously growing hence Candidate Database Management is essential

Future of Recruitment

  • There are already in house recruitment apps for companies, agencies etc. developed around the globe and is sure to become the in thing in Recruitment.
  • The importance of technology is increasing gradually to achieve better and effective outputs

So there you have it a time machine look; into what was, what is and what will be. Now doesn’t this make all the difference to your planning? Gone are the day’s where hiring was mainly done via traditional methods. It goes without saying, “In with the new; out with the old!”  

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