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Among the different messenger applications available for mobile devices, whatsapp is a messenger tool that has become popular the world over. It allows several convenient functions to the users. Not only can one send across text messages through a chat platform

but one can also send across multimedia messages and files.

download whatsapp

However, the internet connection of the phone or device needs to be kept on. The tool is available for download on iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices and Blackberry among others.

The process of downloading WhatsApp in any mobile device is an easy one.

  • For iPhones, one needs to visit the App Store on iTunes. Here one can click on the search icon. The tool will easily appear as it is one of the popular applications that are downloaded. Once the WhatsApp Messenger application is located you can click on the same. You will find the details as well as description of the app displayed in the subsequent page. The application remains free for use as of now. Once these details are verified, one can click on the icon to download or install the app. You need to wait for the app to be downloaded. Once the download is over, you can start using the app. To more information, visit this article that explain how install whatsapp in iPhone mobile and download free.
  • For downloading the WhatsApp Messenger in your Android device, you need to get started by finding the app in the Google Play store. Ensure that you are logged in and your credentials linked on the Play Store with a valid Google account. By searching for the messenger, you will easily find the app. Click on the app and check the app description and details provided. When you click on install, you will be asked to check the terms and conditions and accept the same. When the download starts, you will find a blue bar showing the download progress. The speed will depend on your mobile‚Äôs data or internet connection. After the installation is complete, you will find the app icon on your smartphone or device screen. You can then set up your account by opening up the app.
download whatsapp free

For downloading WhatsApp Messenger in your Blackberry device, you need to access the Blackberry world.

  • You would need to type in the login ID and password to enter the website. Here you can search for whatsapp free messenger app. Once you have found the same and clicked on installation, the app will be sent to your device for download.
  • With respect to the Windows phones and devices, the app can be found through the Marketplace. Here you will find WhatsApp through the app section. Once you click on the same, it will get downloaded and installed on the device.

For using the app, it is necessary to enter the phone number you wish to associate with the messenger service. The contacts on your phone get synced on the app automatically. You can place a profile photo and change certain settings like notifications and privacy features any time while using the service.

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