WhatsApp founder Jan Koum sold $2.8 billion of Facebook stock in 2016

jan koum

Jan Koum David Ramos / Getty Images

So Business Insider asked Equilar, a company that specializes in analyzing executive compensation and corporate data, to help us examine all the Securities and Exchange Commission filings related to Koum’s sales for 2016.

Facebook agreed to buy WhatsApp in February 2014 for over $19 billion in stock, and the price had gone up to $22 billion by October, when the deal closed, thanks to Facebook’s rising stock price. Koum owned about 45% of the company when he sold it, Forbes estimates, which means his take on paper was about $10 billion. He also got a seat on Facebook’s board.

Based on that vesting schedule, it looks like he’s earned about 3 million of those RSUs so far this year.

Koum’s stock sales come as WhatsApp continues to grow rapidly and as the company is making changes to the service that could open up new moneymaking opportunities, but also risks alienating some users.

WhatsApp passed more than than 1 billion monthly users in February and is the most popular chat app in more than half of the world, according to recent stats from SimilarWeb.

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