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           I personally own Moto E which doesn’t have auto focus in its camera. So initially the WhatsApp application was not able to read the QR code which is required to use WhatsApp for Web. You can follow the below steps to make it work.

Steps to make smartphone use WhatsApp for Web

  • Make sure that there is maximum light in your room
  • Increase the brightness of the display screen (Desktop or Laptop). I had medium brightness settings.
  • Zoom in the web page to as much as you can and make sure that the QR code is completely visible
  • Hold the smartphone to see the QR code atleast for 5 to 8 seconds
  • Yes. You are done and it should work

           I was able to make Moto E read the QR code. Update the application to latest version to start using this feature.

URL: web.whatsapp.com

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