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download whatsapp for samsug and tablet pc

What is it Whatsapp for Samsung?

Whatsapp for Samsung is an instant messaging and chat service smartphone to smartphone that runs on your internet data plan current. Because WhatsApp uses the same internet data plan that you use for email, send messages and keep in touch with your friends no charge.

What is difference WhatsApp Messenger for SMS?

The SMS  is an older messaging system with limited functionality and higher cost.  Whatsapp for Samsung Mobile The purpose of WhatsApp Messenger is to offer more functionality at a lower cost. We are confident that you and your friends will appreciate the difference quickly after using WhatsApp to communicate with their friends.

Talking to everyone Whatsapp for Samsung Mobile

To facilitate this,  Whatsapp for Samsung Mobile it uses the actual phone number as identification, that is, here is no need to create accounts or connect using Facebook, for example. Just that you register your number, please have your phone that is the destination of messages and, of course, that this contact also use the messenger.

To increase its use, WhatsApp Messenger brings several tools that allow its best use. You can create groups with multiple contacts and turn the conversation into a true permanent chat room, for example.  For those who think that the texts are not enough, the program allows you to send images and files, record videos and send through its interface or share your location with anyone.

To please those with little time of typing, the service has also recently entered the recording and sending voice files. Thus, instead of typing instructions on how to update your device to your father, for example, you can simply record audio all the tips, which facilitates and speeds the deployment of more complex messages.

Remember also that WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform tool, that is, it has versions for the most famous mobile operating systems market, as Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. So you are sure you can talk to all your friends!

Enabling service Whatsapp for Samsung

After you install WhatsApp Messenger you need to register your gadget in service. Simply enter the number of your device in the appropriate field, including without area code 0. In moments you will receive a message confirming the registration and can use WhatsApp normally.

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