Whatsapp for PC without emulators android

Wassapp, the app that lets you use

without emulators.

It has long circulating network offering programs to send  messages with the computer keyboard.

One of the latest on the scene is Wasap, and has brand new products to facilitate interaction in this network instant messaging from your smartphone and PC.

Whats app has become the instant messaging platform used on smartphones. Its utility and zero cost have encouraged its use among all users, but it has its limitations. Regardless of the problems caused by dropping the service, one of the highlights could achacarla to discomfort when maintaining a relatively long conversation. The prolonged keyboard use, specially the touch – screen virtual can be a bit tiring. However, more manageable alternatives, at least while we are at home.

 EMULATORS FOR Whatsapp for PC


Whatsapp for PCs without emulators

Is a relatively new application. Specifically designed for PCs with Windows operating system, allows Whats App to send messages from your computer keyboard. Currently it is not possible to send files, but can receive. For the rest, we can send all the messages we want our contacts.

The advantage over other applications is that can use our main number from both the PC and from the smartphone without authenticating again and again the account after using Whats app from either platform. However, for now is the limitation that prevents us from using IM on two devices simultaneously.

While use our account from the PC, you can use from the smartphone. Yes, the phone has priority, so if you started using Wasap from it with active account Wasap PC, the connection from the PC is disconnected to prioritize smartphone.

Other limitations are that the conversation history Wassapp maintained is not recorded on the smartphone. In addition, you will need to export the contacts with whom we want to communicate, either by hand or by synchronizing Google contacts.


Wasap pc

How is launched

The start  is relatively simple and easy to use. Only we have to download the Windows application, install it on the PC and complete the required steps, among which include the introduction of some information like phone number, country and its own code and password. This password is only the IMEI in case you have an Android smartphone (it gets from Settings, About Device, State or by entering the dialer * # 06 #), the MAC address of WiFi on the iPhone (Settings, General Info) or ID in Windows Phone.

Requirements to Whatsapp for pc without emulators,  you need:

– Operating System : Windows XP SP2 or higher.

– NET Framework 4.0

– Internet connection.

Despite the doubts and fears that arise when entering data as the IMEI of your phone, the company responsible indicates that the encrypted data is that the service has the same security measures that Whats app service itself, since that Wassapp only communicates with the servers of the popular IM network. Regarding the use of our main number, perhaps the best thing is to use a service like FonYou, which provides a second number associated with the personal number. After completing this step, we only have to press the Login button to start chatting with our contacts, already imported correctly.

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UPDATE 25/04/13

For the application to work fine you must use the numbers by placing the N ° 9 between the international and the feature area. For example +54 (international) September 2284 (code of area) 548732 (mobile).

If the number is already assigned to a Whatsapp account, to start from the application disables the account of the phone, but do not worry because when you close the application and re- accessed from the phone is configured in two steps and fast.

UPDATE 07/07/13

Due to the large number of inquiries for failing to register the number, update the download link. Now the download installed the latest version (v 1.1.1) on which should not be problems.

To those who wrote stating that they could not make it work, try again with this new version.

One detail, stay tuned to the new version has a button labeled REGISTER. First you must register the phone here, then the password reached them via SMS (or per call, according to choose), MUST continue.

More information at : http://lowlevel-studios.com/es/wassapp/

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