Whatsapp Does Not Work or Is Fallen, What Do I Do?

Has WhatsApp stopped working and you do not know why? If you do not receive messages, notifications do not arrive or there are some other unknown errors in the WhatsApp application, follow these simple steps so that you can return to normal operation.

Before going into panic, check the following:

Make sure your mobile / WiFi data is connected

It may sound obvious, but make sure your internet connection is working normally. In many cases, some public WiFi networks appear as connected from our terminal but are not really working. If this does not work try another WiFi network.

Check that notifications are properly enabled

Access the settings menu at the top right of the screen and enter ‘Notifications’. Check that the status of all notifications is active, including group conversations.

Make sure you do not have any contact / group in silence

If you enter the application, from the start menu you will see if any of your contacts or groups have been silenced. So that you can continue to receive messages without problems, enter the conversation and go to the upper right menu. If the conversation is muted, remove the check so you can continue to receive notifications of that conversation.

Disconnect WhatsApp Web

Access the settings in the upper right corner (the three vertical dots) and enter WhatsApp Web. Disconnect any session that may remain active.

Uninstall any ‘task killer’ that you have installed

So-called ‘task killers’ improve battery performance but also interfere with the operation of many applications, including WhatsApp. If the messaging application is not working normally, uninstall any ‘task killer’ that you have installed to make WhatsApp run normally again.

Clear cache

Clearing the cache of an application can wipe out the temporary problems of any application. To do this you have to go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Clear cache.

How to know WhatsApp has fallen

There are several factors, obvious to most, that are the key to WhatsApp does not work:

  • Neither receive nor send messages. You see a clock thinking next to a message that you sent and do not come to leave the sent arrows.
  • You can’t see the last connection of all your contacts, even those that have not disabled the option.
  • You receive a ‘local connection timeout’ error message.
  • Visit on the official Twitter of WhatsApp because whenever there is a general fault they publish it officially.
  • If there is no official statement, check the internet before doing something as dramatic as deleting data or uninstalling and reinstalling the application. It’s likely that somewhere in the world someone reported the bug and found it on social networks or Google, so you do not have to go as crazy as I do and you just have to wait.

Possible actions to solve local service drop

The fall of the service does not always affect all the servers that WhatsApp has spread around the world. Most of the time it only affects specific regions. To escape this fall of the local service we can use a VPN service so that our internet traffic goes through another country where WhatsApp works correctly.

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