WhatsApp Desktop Client App For Windows 10/8/7

WhatsApp requires no introduction! If you own a smartphone, you probably have installed WhatsApp app. The cross-platform messaging app is so popular that it’s hard to find a smartphone without WhatsApp app these days.

About three months ago, WhatsApp officially launched WhatsApp Web service to let users access WhatsApp from computers as well. Users just need to install WhatsApp Web extension on their web browsers (available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera) and a bit of setup is required to begin using WhatsApp on computers.

For some reason, WhatsApp has not released an official WhatsApp desktop client for Windows and Mac operating systems. While WhatsApp Web is serves the job, we need to launch the web browser each time to view or send messages.

Whatsapp desktop client for Windows

Wouldn’t it be a cool if there was an official WhatsApp desktop client for Windows as well as Mac?

Unofficial WhatsApp desktop client for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp Desktop is an unofficial WhatsApp desktop client for Windows and Mac operating systems. Since WhatsApp Desktop client is not dependent on your web browser, it will launch with Windows or Mac on start which means you can view or send WhatsApp messages as soon as you login to your PC or Mac.

Besides that, WhatsApp Desktop client offers native notifications and alerts you even when the WhatsApp Desktop client is minimized.

Like the official WhatsApp, you can send and receive message, photos and also send voice messages as well. Yes, it supports location sharing as well.

Download and install WhatsApp desktop client on Windows

Since WhatsApp desktop client uses QR code just like the official WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp desktop client will not work if you’re on iOS.

Step 1: Visit this page to download the setup file. The download size of WhatsApp desktop client installer for Windows is ~29MB.

Step 2: After downloading WhatsApp desktop client installer on your PC, double-click on the same to launch the setup. Click Install button to install the same.

WhatsApp desktop client for Windows

Step 3: Next, launch WhatsApp app on your phone. Using the QR code scanner present in the WhatsApp app, scan the code appearing on WhatsApp desktop client to sign-in to your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp desktop client for Windows download

On Android and Windows Phone, to launch WhatsApp QR code scanner, open WhatsApp > Menu and then WhatsApp Web.

Overall, a decent unofficial WhatsApp desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux. Although it is not as smooth as official apps available for smartphones, it works without any major issues.

The downside is that, just like the official WhatsApp Web, messages you send and receive are synced between phone and computer to make WhatsApp available on desktop. In other words, your phone as we as your computer must be connected to the internet in order to use WhatsApp desktop client.

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