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WhatsApp is one of the most popular free messaging services and has already being run by more than a billion users worldwide. While there is already a web version of WhatsApp available, for Edge as well as other browsers, the company has recently launched a desktop app too. The new WhatsApp desktop app is almost similar to what we know as WhatApp Web.

To use the all new app from WhatsApp, you first need to download and install it on your Windows 10 PC. It is a very simple app and required no technical expertise to install.

WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows PC

Go to the official website of WhatsApp and download the app. Make sure you download the app compatible with your PC. The desktop app is available for both Windows and Mac users.  It will take a few minutes to land on your PC depending on your internet connection speed.

WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows PC

Run the setup and install it on your PC. To run the WhatsApp desktop app, you first need to scan the QR code using your Smartphone. Open WhatsApp on your phone–>Menu--> select WhatsApp web. Take your phone to your PC screen and scan the QR code to connect.

Once the QR code is scanned, you will be logged into your WhatsApp desktop app. It is just like the app on your Smartphone with very similar features, interface, and look. You can send messages, pictures, videos, create groups, change your profiles photo or status and do anything you do on your Smartphone.

WhatsApp desktop app 3

Change Profile Photo and Status on WhatsApp Desktop App

You can change your profile photo and status in three ways. Either you click on your profile photo and or click on tab “WhatsApp” and select “Profile and Status” or you can go through the Menu (the three dots). 

whatsapp desktop app 2

Click on your picture to change or remove it and click on the Pencil icon to update your status. If you want to click a new photo with your webcam and set it as your profile photo, select Take Photo from the drop-down menu or select Upload Photo, if you want to upload a picture from your PC. You can also just View or Remove the photo.  

whatsapp desktop app 6

You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+P to open profile and status.

Start a new Chat/Make a new group

As we mentioned earlier, the WhatsApp desktop app is same as the app in your Smartphone; you can easily start a new chat or create a new group over here. Click on the “WhatsApp” tab and select New Chat/ New Group or Click on the Menu and select New Group. You can also click on the ‘+’ sign to start a new chat. 

whatsapp desktop app 6

You can also use shortcut Ctrl+N for a new chat.

WhatsApp Desktop App Settings

To open and adjust the settings on your desktop app, click on the three dots (Menu) and select Settings. You can change your notifications settings, manage the blocked contacts and check out WhatsApp help here.

whatsapp desktop app 1

Chat Settings in WhatsApp Desktop App

Just like many other features, the chat settings in this app is pretty same as in your Smartphone. Open any chat box and click on the three dots (menu) on the top right corner. You can select messages, check the contact info, delete messages or mute the chat from here. Please note that in your Smartphone you can search for a particular chat in your chat box, whereas the desktop app is missing this feature. Also you cannot change the wallpaper or email your chat from the desktop app, but your Smartphone app has this feature.

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Send Files

While the desktop and Smartphone app are quite similar, there are still some features which are available in the Smartphone app but not in the desktop app. In the desktop app, you can send an image, a video or a document, whereas in your Smartphone you can send document, image, video, audio, location and contact. 

whatsapp desktop app 1

Check out the WhatsApp chat windows in a Smartphone below. You can send different types of files to your contacts. 

share location on whatsapp

Archive Chat in your WhatsApp Desktop App

This is something I have never done in my Smartphone app. In your desktop app, you can archive any of your chats. Just open the chat windows and click on Chat tab in the top left corner. Select Archive and that’s it, your entire chat is archived. You can view the archived chats from Menu. 

whatsapp desktop app 1

Star Messages

While the desktop app lets you view the starred messages, there is no option to Star a message here. In your Smartphone app, you just have to select the message you want to star and click on the Star icon in the ribbon. There is no such icon in the desktop version.  Check out the Smartphone screenshot below. To view the starred messages on your desktop app, click on Menu (three dots) and select Starred. 

WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows PC

Group Chat Settings in WhatsApp Desktop App

You can create a new group from the Menu. To adjust the group settings in your desktop app, go to the group and right click. You can check the group info, select messages, mute the group, clear messages or exit the group from here. You can also change your group icon or group status from the desktop app.

What is missing here is the option to see the group media at one place. Here you have to scroll up the entire chat window to see the group media items, like the pictures and videos shared in the group, while the Smartphone app has a feature where we can see the group media at one place. 

whatsapp desktop app 1

Log out from WhatsApp Desktop App

You can log out either from the WhatsApp main tab or via Menu. If you want to log in again, you have to scan your WhatsApp code again using the WhatsApp Web on your Smartphone.

whatsapp desktop app 1

Some important shortcuts for WhatsApp Desktop App-

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