Whatsapp Change Number

If you are an avid user of WhatsApp and you want to change your smartphone or your phone number, how do you set your phone so that the WhatsApp also uses the change number? This need to be done due to the fact that WhatsApp function primarily based by using your phone number. Therefore each account is associated with your unique phone number. Therefore any changes to the phone number will affect the WhatsApp account you have your mobile devices. So, if you want to change your number and you are using an iPhone, the process of changing the number is quite simple. You will need to delete account that is associated with your old number in the WhatsApp account. Make sure your new number is properly working in your smartphone. If you are using the same smartphone but want to change the number, you will definitely need to migrate your chat history, groups and profile to your new number. If you are an iPhone user, you will need to go to WhatsApp settings. Tap the account and choose the ‘Change number’. It will ask your old number in the first box and the new number in second box. Just type the number and tap done. WhatsApp will then send a verification code to your new number. Once activated, all your account information will be migrated to your new number. If you are using Android based smartphone, the process is similar. All you need to do is open your WhatsApp application. Choose the menu button and tap the settings. Open the account and then choose change number. You can then enter your ole number in the first box and then your new number in the second box. Tap done and you will then automatically migrated from your old account to the new account.

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