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Update June 29 / 9:00 – WhatsApp Calling now available for Windows Phone

Update April 1 / 10:15 – Costs of WhatsApp Calling We notice a lot of questions like “Is WhatsApp calling completely free?”. This depends on whether you are calling via WiFi or via a 3G/4G connection. Check our fresh post about costs of WhatsApp Calling for all information!

Update March 31 / 16:59 – WhatsApp Calling available for Android The WhatsApp Call function is now available for all Android users. Therefore you don’t need to update the App. If you already updated to the latest version, you will see that the calling function will be visible automatically. Yesterday we already wrote an article with the first experiences and impressions. In this post, we mention the pros and cons and of WhatsApp Calling and we describe how much data WhatsApp Calls consume. Go to WhatsApp Calling: The first impression to read this post directly!

Calling with WhatsApp! This may sound unreal yet, but it is expected that WhatsApp Calling will be possible very soon. After a previous update in 2014, it was already possible to send a voice message via WhatsApp. This allows you to make a small voice record, and to send it to your WhatApp contacts. Obviously, this is not “WhatsApp Calling”. Still, we believe that the ability to make phone calls with WhatsApp is not far away. Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp already announced at the Mobile World Congress that WhatsApp will get a calling feature. Thereafter, several blogs found other indications, folders and hidden features that indicate a coming call function. Insiders believe that the WhatsAp Calling function will be launched simultaneously with the WhatsApp iPhone update. This update ensure that WhatsApp works more smooth than ever before on all iPhones.

whatsapp call function

Can i make phone calls with WhatsApp

For now, it i not possible yet to make direct phone calls with the WhatsApp App. You can find a “call” button in your App, but this button just redirects you to the regular call App of your phone. As mentioned, everybody expects a WhatsApp update that allows you to make phone calls using WhatsApp. We think that his WhatsApp calling function will work the same as Facebook Messenger. Via FB Messenger, people already can make phone calls via WiFi. It is still unclear whether you can only make calls between two WhatsApp users, or that it is also possible to call with WhatsApp to an external fixed phone number or mobile phone number without a WhatsApp account.

Besides the WhatsApp Calling function, it will be perhaps possible to record the phone calls. This could be useful when you had a long call, and you want to listen it back. Once the WhatsApp calling feature is available, you can read more information on this WhatsApp Call page. There will be an update available very soon.

Is WhatsApp Calling free?

Calling via WhatsApp is free. The only (possible) costs are the costs of your internet connection. If you use just WiFi, it is free. This means that you can make completely free WhatsApp phone calls. WhatsApp Calling uses the same mobile data connection that you also use for regular Internet and e-mail. Therefore you can use your (paid) mobile subscription or a (free) WiFi network. If you usually pay roaming fees for using mobile Internet abroad, this also applies to the WhatsApp call function. Please contact your mobile provider for the roaming costs. If you make use of a free WiFi network in your hotel or a public page, the call feature is free. This also applies to the regular use of WhatsApp. We expect that the WhatsApp Call Feature will be launched later this year. Keep in touch with this blog and stay tuned!

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