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Whatsapp Bot – Hey guys today we’re going to post an interesting article.Which is about Whatsapp bot.As We All Know Whatsapp Is Running from a Long Time Period and Its Used By Billions of Peoples.Recently They’ve Launched Or We Can Say Update Some Interesting features Like in Group We Can Add 256 Member Previously We Can able to Add Only 100 users Only.The Second One is We Can Use Whatsapp for Lifetime Free Previously We Can Use For Only 1 Year & Then We’ve To Pay a Reactivation Charge.

Now They’ve Launched a New Service Called Whatsapp Bot Which is An Auto Reply Assistant Of Your Phone. However, You May Also like To See dual Whatsapp  From Whatsapp Bot Tool You Can use Whatsapp As Same Like a Search Engine Below We’ve Defined Each & Every Benefits.

But Peoples Love to Check more & more Queries Related to Whatsapp Dp or anything else as these queries are good and everyone wants good Looking DP’s.But here we have shared The latest Whatsapp bot for every phone.

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant

As We All Know After Coming of Whatsapp Bot We Can Easily use Whatsapp As Like Search Engine.This WhatsBot is Created by peter and We Would Appreciate & Thanks To Him For Creating This Bot.You Can Use This Bot For Your Daily needs Like If You Are a Good Reader then You Can Search Wiki “This Topic” If You Are a Cricket Lover Then You Can Search @score”match” Etc.This Bot Will Assist You Like a Virtual Assistant Which Will Fulfill Your Daily Needs.Moreover, The Best Part is That It Will Consume Less Data rather then normal search.It Will Work As Well as in 2G connection Too.Moreover, you may Also like Activate Video Call on Whatsapp.Let’s See How To Add Whatsapp Bot & Its Features With Explanations.

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How To Add Whatsapp Bot In Your Whatsapp

  • At First, Download Whatsapp For Android From Here Only in case If You Don’t Have.
  • Then register Your Number in Whatsapp.
  • Then Save This Number – “+919468155082“In Your Phone With The Name Of Whatsapp Bot.
  • And This Bot Will Look Like Below Image.
  • Then Check Below Ways How Can You use Whatsapp Bot For Your Daily Needs

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What Can You Do Via Whatsapp Bot

Below We’ve Specified The lists Of Which You Can Do With This Virtual Assistant Software We’ve Mention Some Main Features But You Can Even Do more.

  • Wikipedia Search – Meanwhile You can Search From Wiki Pedia Anything About Any Topic you Want to Read.
  • Mp3 Download – Means You can download Or Search the Mp3 Via Whatsapp Only.
  • HoroScope – You Can Search About Your Horoscope Via Whatsapp Only.
  • Daily Talk – You Can Text a Bit With Your Normal problem And make a Good conversation.
  • Thought – You Can Search the Best thought Of The Day From Your Whatsapp Only.
  • Define Anything – You Can Search For Your problems Or Definition Bot Will Help You to Solve.
  • News Updates – You Can Get a Better & Good News Updates By your Whatsapp only.
  • Currency – You Can Knew The Latest Updates of Currency In Today’s Market.

Below we’ve listed Some Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Whatsapp Bot Have a Look On this.

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You Can Also Watch The Tutorial Video Of Whatsapp Bot – 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of using WhatsBot

The Advantages Of Using Whatsapp Bot is You Can Search Anything Via Whatsapp Only & Disadvantages Of Using This BOT is Sometimes It Gives Error Of HTML coding.

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How To Use WhatsBot For Various Kind Of Searches 

We’ve Listed And Defined Above Given features With Images Kindly Look Into this for More information From Which You May Now How To use Whatsapp Bot

#WiKiPedia Search 

From The Newly Designed Bot For Whatsapp. You can Search The things From Wikipedia Instantly On Your Whatsapp Meanwhile, you Don’t need to Wait Until your Internet Will Load The Web page You Can Get Instantly Results On Your Whatsapp Android Application Only. However, You Can Search On Wikipedia anything, For Example. We’ve Searched @wiki computer Then The Search results Is Shown Like below Image.

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

#Mp3 Search & Download 

We’ve Already defined The One Best Service of This Whatsapp Bot Above & the Second Best Service Of Bot Is You can Search & Download MP3 In Your Whatsapp App Only Meanwhile you Not Need to Go Website etc For Downloading Songs You Can Easily Download with Whatsapp.For Example, If We Searched @mp3 English Then The Results Will showed Like Below Image.

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

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Horoscope yes You Can Check your Daily Horoscope From Your Whatsapp only. Meanwhile, You Not Need To Go & Surf Your Daily horoscope Just you Need To Send One Message & Your Horoscope Will Come Directly In Your Whatsapp After Few Seconds Of Sending Message If You Want An Example that how Can You Knew Your Daily Horoscope from This Bot Then Here Is The Example Just Send a Simple Message To Whatsapp Bot @horoscope Pisces “In The Replace Of Pisces You can Type Your” & This Will Give Result Like Below Given Image.

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

#Daily Talk

However, Worrying How Can You Time Pass?  Whenever You Don’t Have Someone To spend your Free Time Then This Whatsapp Bot is Created For you only You Can Also Talk Daily With This Bot And Spend Your Free Time By Asking Solution Etc. For Example, I’ve to Send Hi To This Bot Then Reply Will Come Like a Below Given Image & Further You Better Know.However, You may also Like To See Wifikill For Pc

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services


Are You a Student Of School & looking For a Best Thought Of The Day To Speak In School Assembly Then What You are Waiting for & Why You Are Wasting your Time Try This Whatsapp Bot Now & Get Your Thoughts Of The In your Whatsapp Only.For Getting Thought You just have To Send a Simple Message @thought and You Will Get a Latest Thought Of The Day in Your Whatsapp.


Looking for a Definition For a Particular Topic Or Need to know Any Difficult Meaning of Word Then You can Use This feature With Personal Assistant This Personal Assistant Will Search for You & Give You Easy Results For Example If You Want to Define Anything Then Type @define mars “In The Replace Of Mars You can put anything of your Choice Of Which You Want To Knew Definition”.However, You may Also Like to read Best Browsers For Mac Os 2016

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

#News Updates

Are You a Daily Reader Of Latest News And Want to knew everything Quickly & First And You don’t Have enough Time To Search on google Then You can Try This WhatsApp bot Which Can Handle Your This Habit Easily. Meanwhile, You can get News Updates On the Go & You Don’t Have To Search anything.Just save This Bot & Send a Message Like @toi city And You Will get results Like Below Image.You may Also like To See SHH Whatsapp

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

#Currency Updates

Are You a Daily shares shop Owner And Need to know Currency Rates & Updates Instantly then Why You Are Waiting For Setup Whatsapp Bot In Your Whatsapp & Get Daily updates Of Currency Directly in Your Whatsapp Inbox Means to Say You Don’t Need to Search Anymore Just You have to type One Message & you Will get Currency Update directly In Your Phone.For Example, Type @currency & Send it Bot Then you Will get Reply like Below given Image.

Whatsapp Bot tool An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant With Free Services

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