WhatsApp beta separates voice and video call actions, relocates attachment icon

The latest WhatsApp beta 2.17.93 has made a couple of changes that do seem small on the surface but that should make it easier to initiate calls and share attachments in the app.

The most obvious change is the new attachment button placement in the text box, next to the camera. You won’t have to reach out to the top of the screen to send a document, location, contact, or some sort of media anymore. And it makes a lot more sense: now everything you can share in a chat is there in the bottom row: attachments, camera (which gets a new icon), and voice messages. The attachment overlay also shows on the bottom of the screen now.

Attachment icon moved from the top title bar (old, left) to the bottom text box (new, right).

The empty icon space left in the top title bar is filled by a standalone video call button. Instead of tapping the call icon first then choosing between voice and video calls, the two are now separate and you can quickly initiate whichever one you prefer with a single tap.

Voice and video calls used to be grouped under one call icon (left) but they’re separate now (right).

These two changes are live in the latest WhatsApp beta v2.17.93, which you can download manually from APK Mirror or get automatically on the Play Store by joining the official beta program.

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