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WhatsApp Messenger Alternative

WhatsApp messenger is a free messaging app which allows you to exchange messages. This texting app is available on Android/iPhone/BlackBerry/Windows Phone and more, and you can send WhatsApp messages across the platform. With the popularity, WhatsApp Messenger is starting to get payment. For iOS users, using WhatsApp required a one-time $0.99 fee while Android users can get WhatsApp Messenger free version for one year and annual fee of $0.99 in the following years.

If you are not willing to pay for messaging app, don’t worry, you can always get other free messaging apps like WhatsApp but free. In the following, we’ve collected 10 best free WhatsApp alternative messaging apps for you. You can find the best messaging app for Android/iOS or even other platforms here.

No. 1 – Kik Messenger

Firstly started in 2009 on Blackberry platform, Kik is regarded as the “first Smartphone messenger with a built-in browser”, which makes searching and browsing very easy. Kik Messenger provides free messaging services, the most appealing advantage is that Kik texting app is not using your Phone number as username as other messaging apps, you have to create a Kik identity and text with anyone. Kik is a very popular free messaging app among younger generations. If you are a young one and looking for WhatsApp alternative, this would be a great option.

Kik Messenger WhatsApp Messenger Alternative

No. 2 – Viber

Viber is probably the most similar yet competent alternative to WhatsApp Messenger. Viber allows you to use the mobile number for identifying the users. Register with a simple code, you can easily use Viber to connect with the address book of your phone. With this WhatsApp alternative, you are able to send instant messaging, calls, sharing of files…Viber has no bothering ads, and it is basically the best Android messaging app, which is also compatible with iPhone users.

Viber WhatsApp Messenger Alternative

No. 3 – Line Messenger

As an instant messaging app also a social networking app, Line is a worthy alternative to WhatsApp Messenger. Similar to WhatsApp or Viber, Line registers user based on the mobile contact number. With Line, you can send messages, audio and videos. Line offers many funny stickers, which gives more ways to express your emotions.

Line Messenger WhatsApp Messenger Alternative

No. 4 – Telegram

Telegram is one promising WhatsApp Messenger alternative. The Telegram messaging app has cloud-based messaging service, which enables you to access from any device or web. This free texting app offers many unique features, the most popular one is Secret Chats, allowing chat reading only by the desired recipient. Telegram needs very light data for sending messages, therefore it can run on the weak internet as well.

Telegram WhatsApp Messenger Alternative

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