Whatsapp alternative with a desktop client

telegram messenger

Telegram is a good whatsapp alternative that has a desktop software. you can use telegram on your smart phone and desktop computer. unlike most instant messengers telegram is ad free and respects your privacy with no issues. telegram works on android , ios , windows mobile, mac , windows and linux operating system. you can make use of telegrams web version if you want to access telegram without any client software.

telegram for android and desktop
telegram on phone

why you should use telegram on your smartphone or desktop ?

  • Telegram lets you use its cloud for file transferring , photo sharing and many other things. you can access your logs from any device.
  • Telegram works smooth just like whatsapp with a simple interface
  • Telegram is Free! yes you heard it right. its totally free and they will never ask you to pay money for their service
  • Telegram works on cross platforms and you can access it from your pc , android phone , windows phone , laptop computer, web browser and linux system.
  • Telegram is hard to hack. they will pay you $200,000 if you can hack them. dont ever try it guys! no one can hack telegram
  • Telegram can work as a browser plugin in chrome
  • Telegram supports voice messages
  • You can transfer documents , photos and many other file formats through Telegram messenger
  • there are thousands of bots for telegram https://storebot.me/

Get Telegram For Your Smart Phone From Google Playstore

Download Desktop Version of Telegram From Here

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