WhatsApp Adds New Features in Latest Update. What’s Your Favorite?

We use WhatsApp a lot making it the most used messaging app across the world. Well, you might be a WhatsApp user but you are surely not aware of all the hidden features of WhatsApp so that’s what we are here to tell you. All the latest features are given here, you can also try them and enjoy texting.

  1. New font in WhatsApp

a. WhatsApp adds latest new font feature; all you have to do is add ““`” at the start and end of a sentence or word. For example, type “`How are you“` like this and send it to see the changes.


b. You can simply Bold a sentence or word by adding a star “*” at the start and end of the sentence. For Example: Type *You can now add Bold Text*

c. For Italics, type a word or sentence and put underscore “_” before and after the text. For Example: _You can now add Italics Text_

d. For Strikethrough, write any word or sentence just put tilde “~” at the start and end of the sentence. For Example: Type ~strikethrough the text~”

  1. New Camera Features

WhatsApp is rolling out new camera feature as well for all Users. WhatsApp now allows image doodling feature, you can now write, draw or add emoji on photos and videos to express your feelings. Users just need to select brush size and color by dragging the color selector. Whenever you share any photo or video, editing features are available on the top of the screen. When you capture a new photo or upload any image from phone’s gallery, you’ll automatically see the new editing tools. Moreover, the WhatsApp Camera feature also supports front-facing flash so you can take selfies even in low light or at night. This will brighten up your screen and improve photo quality as well.

  1. WhatsApp Video Calling

Over voice calls, you can talk to your friends and family for free even if they are residing in another country. So, now WhatsApp allow users to do face-to-face conversations over WhatsApp video calls absolutely free. First of all, you need to update your WhatsApp and you will see video call feature in your chats. Users can simply tap on phone icon and it will ask whether you want to make a voice call or video call. Choose the option as per your preference and communicate with your contacts.

  1. Clear Chat but Keep Starred Messages

Earlier, deleting chats would also delete the starred messages. But now, you can keep the starred messages safe in your whatsapp storage. All you have to do is open chat, select any important messages and click on star option. Now, select Delete Chat and check Keep Starred Messages option and hit clear. The entire chat will be deleted but starred messages.


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Now, you can also try out these features in your updated WhatsApp. In case you face any trouble then simply give us a call on our toll free number 855-765-6710, or write to us at support@thephonesupport.com.

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