WhatsApp is one of the applications most used by surfers.

WhatsApp is an application that use it every day, whether it is to communicate with our friends and our family. It always helps us to keep in touch and, unlike SMS, is a very economical choice.

Not in vain it is, is number one on par with Facebook Messenger Messenger and you could say without error to wrong the majority of the people know it. To those who do not use it!

It is also one of the applications that consumes less data. However, there are three settings that will make you save more data, because you don’t need to unnecessarily spend data without your consent.

In addition, one of these functions will also help you to save memory on your cell phone.

save data with these three simple steps:

No more automatic downloads


Usually, when our contacts send us videos, pictures or files in general, are automatically downloaded. This can be a mess when we are talking about groups. In addition to spending more data needed, such files can saturate the cell memory.

To do this, go to settings. Once there, click on use of data. Here you will find a section called “Automatic discharge”. In the first option “Connected to mobile data” choose “No file”.

No more voice calls


If you have the habit of calling regularly, probably spend more data than other users. Why the Facebook app has created an option to fix this. In “Settings”, go to data usage. To the bottom of the menu you will find the option “Decrease use of data”. Select the box.

While this doesn’t mean already not spending data by calling, yes means that you will be able to save a little more.

Watch out for the backup


It is important to make sure that the backup is carried out only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you spend a large amount of data.

For this, see once more to “Settings”. Subsequent to “Chats”. Here, click on “Backup”.

Once here, in the “Google Drive settings” section you will find the option “Keep on”. There make sure that it is set to “only Wi-Fi”.

Ready you have configured your wireless equipment so you save data and thus you can reach the end of the month with your mobile data.

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